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GCat: Industry Safety
MCat: Agriculture Safety

Materials related to insurance, risk management, safety hazards, natural disasters, fire safety, OSHA requirements, etc. for the agricultural industry.

Ag Safety Materials

Agriculture safety and health training materials, fact sheets, guidelines, safety bulletins, guides, farm occupational safety information, and other technical resources.

Agriculture Safety Plans

The text of sample safety plans and programs for farms, agriculture, etc.

Crop Insurance

Risk management handbooks and guides for growers. Educational materials on risk management from the US Department of Agriculture.

EPA Agriculture

Agricultural environmental quality resources including EPA compliance guidance. Covers topics such as manure tanks and animal waste, air quality inside livestock barns and more.

Farm Disasters

Resources for materials for farmers related to disasters, crop damage, etc

Farm Ergonomics

Ergonomics case studies, research and tips related to the farm, agriculture industry

Farm Injuries

Agricultural commodities data - worldwide production. State agricultural production statistics. Statistical information on US agricultural production & related areas of the economy.

Farm Machinery Safety

Safety materials relating to farm equipment, tractor safety, ROPS, baler safety and more

Landscaping Safety

Safety hazards and controls in plant nurseries - landscaping safety

Livestock Safety

Livestock safety handling considerations for cattle, swine, etc.

Logging Safety

Safety materials for the logging industry

OSHA Agriculture

Very large number of technical references related to OSHA requirements in agricultural operations and grain handling.

Tree Hazards

Tree climbing safety rules, tree removal safety, trees and storm damage, hazardous tree recognition and management


Offices, programs, publications, legislation, regulations, rulings and more.

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