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Links to more than 200 websites of professional associations, institutes and non-profit organizations of interest to those in insurance and risk management, human resources, environmental safety and health, security, facilities management and related professions. Provides information such as, the latest news on federal and state legislation, industry conferences, position statements, press releases, newsletters, journals, books & other publications, etc. Standards organizations.

Actuarial Associations

Casualty Actuary Society. Society of Actuaries.

Amusement Associations

Associations of the amusement and carnival industries such as NAARSO, OABA, IAFE and more

Business Associations

Organizations and associations for business executives, small business and women in business.

Chemical Associations

Organizations related to toxicology, chemical engineering, hazardous substance research, etc.

Claims Associations

Links to societies and professional associations related to insurance claims management.

Contractor Associations

Associations dedicated to construction trades.

Dental Associations

In addition to the ADA, includes associations for dental hygienists and for specialties in dentistry such as orthodontics, periodontology, prosthodontists.

Disaster Associations

Organizations focused on disasters and emergency preparednesss.

EMS Associations

National associations for EMS professionals.

Environment Associations

Center for policy research & technical assistance on global environmental & development.

Ergonomics Associations

Research, certification & education for human factors & ergonomics.

Financial Associations

Examples: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)

Fire Associations

Professional associations for professionals interested in arson investigation, fire chiefs, fire equipment distributors, burglar & fire alarms, fire sprinklers, etc.

Health Associations

National & international organizations that promote health, fitness, nutrition, etc.

HR Associations

Employee relations. Compensation. Temporary staffing services. Workplace learning and performance. Benefits. SHRM.

IH Associations

Associations for professionals dedicated to the control of workplace environmental hazards.

Insurance Associations

Variety of insurance industry-related organizations: Insurance fraud (IFB) State WC (CWCI) Insurance agents (IIAA). Consumer information (III) Research (SIR) International Association of Industrial Accident Boards & Commmissions (IAIABC) Others.

International Safety

Asia-Pacific Region - full text of national occupational safety & health regulations.European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. African Safety Newsletter. HASTE - European Health & Safety Database. ILO Conventions & Recommendations concerning occupational safety and health. International standards organizations. European Joint Research Centre. Poisons Information Database. Environment in Asia. Directory of Government Occupational Safety and Health Centres Worldwide.

Legal Associations

Legal research centers. Organizations on topics such as: Alternative dispute resolution. Structured settlements. Health care liability.

Medical Associations

Professional medical associations, academies and colleges. Cancer society. Accreditation of healthcare (JCAHO). Many more.

Mental Health

Associations for psychologists, psychiatry, etc.

Nursing Associations

Professional nursing organizations.

Occupational Medicine

Organizations related to occupational medicine.

Quality Associations

Organizations dedicated to quality & benchmarking.


Organizations that collect, analyze, develop & disseminate information about radiation protection.

Risk Manager Association

Associations for risk managers. Self-insurance. Public risk. Health care risk management. More.

Safety Associations

Societies & councils who promote workplace safety & health, accreditate safety professionals, etc. Industrial safety equipment.

Security Associations

Organizations dedicated to the security profession. National Crime Victim Center.


Standards-based organizations.

Surety Associations

American Surety Association. Surety Association of Canada. Surety Association of America.


Professional organizations and institutes for tax professionals.

Trucking Associations

National trade associations of the trucking industry. MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving. National Safety Belt Coalition. Highway Loss Data Institute. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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