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GCat: Industry Safety
MCat: Aviation Safety

Aviation safety resources, safety data, aeromedical requirements, air charter risks and more

Aeronautical Charts

Aeronautical charts, instrument approach procedure charts, airport diagrams, departure procedure charts, standard terminal arrival charts.

Aircraft Safety

Cabin safety, shoulder harness safety, air safety

Airport Fire Safety

Aviation fire protection reference materials including aircraft fire and rescue

Airport Safety

Air safety hazards, aviation safety controls, airport safety, etc.

Aviation Security

Airport and airline security measures

Aviation Statistics

Aviation accident statistics and related safety data


Environmental impacts of aviation. Tradeoffs between potential environmental impacts of development alternatives in airport planning. Impact monitoring and mitigation.

Flying Weather

Aviation weather hazards such as turbulence, winter flying, etc.

Human Factors

Aviation ergonomic and human factors design considerations in air traffic control

Medical Aviation

Medical facts and requirements for pilots

State Aviation Laws

Aviation administrative codes for US states. Laws and regulations for aviation.

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