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Policies, equipment, devices, best practices for minimizing delay and enhancing safety during highway construction and maintenance operations. NCHRP Report 350. Crash Worthiness of Workzone Appurtenances. Descriptions and contact information for workzone safety campaign programs and materials.

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Accommodating Pedestrians in Work Zones [pdf] [12264] ?

Tips to prevent pedestrian accidents in work zones

Assessment of Advanced Warning Signs for Flagging Operations [1908] ?

Result of flagging study on signing in workzones

Benefits of Using Intelligent Transportation Systems in Work Zones [34855] ?

Benefits, tips, and lessons learned for using ITS tools in work zones.

Building Safer Highway Work Zones [14867] ?

Measures to prevent worker injuries from vehicles and equipment

Dangers of Highway Work Zones [5969] ?

Hazards Inside the Work Zone

Design of Construction Work Zones on High-Speed Highways [30769] ?

Report on how to select the appropriate construction work zone type.

Design of Construction Work Zones on High-Speed Highways - Final Report [30770] ?

Final report on the research activities used to develop

Flagger Safety [pdf] [24985] ?

Requirements for the State of Washington

Highway Safety Garment Classifications [19298] ?

Covers the basics about high visibility safety apparel

Highway Work Zone Safety [pdf] [25950] ?

Take these measures into account when designing and operating traffic control and work zones

Highway Work Zones and Signs, Signals, Barricades [27806] ?

Hazard awareness resources for highway, street, bridge, tunnel, utility and other workers for highway infrastructure

Highway Work Zones Safety [21791] ?

Measures to prevent worker injuries from vehicles and equipment

Implementing the Rule on Work Zone Safety and Mobility [33093] ?

Guide on implementation of the final rule on work zone safety with examples, best practices, tools and resources.

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) [19343] ?

Basic safety principles governing traffic control in work zones

NE-Nebraska Worker Visibility [pdf] [24984] ?

Standards in use by the State of Nebraska Department of Roads related to workzone safety

Occupational Injuries in Work Zones [12185] ?

Work zone safety statistics for workers

Reduced Channelizing Device Spacing [pdf] [32164] ?

As required by the State of Maryland

Roadside Safety [5062] ?

Outlines proper safety precautions to avoid the risk of accidents for roadside crews

Updated Roadway Safety Awareness Program [35218] ?

Provides an overview of common hazards in highway and road construction and simple prevention measures

Roadway Safety Technical Materials [12263] ?

Technical assistance materials on the subject of flaggers and materials for roadway safety professionals

Roadway Work Zone Safety Program [35217] ?

Developed for workers on foot in a roadway work zone

Safe Speeds in Work Zones [pdf] [9007] ?

Problem: Speeding in work zones causes injuries and fatalities

Safety Plans for Construction Work Zones [37001] ?

There are a number of general areas of emphasis that should be addressed as part of any work zone safety efforts

State Flagging Requirements [12278] ?

State requirements for flaggers involved in work zone traffic control

State MUTCD's & Traffic Control Devices [12279] ?

Information on the States' web sites where electronic documents related to traffic control devices can be accessed

Traffic Control Person Codes of Practice [pdf] [24791] ?

Northwest Territories requirements

Traffic Control Safety [pdf] [27291] ?

Safety practices shall be followed where a hazard exists because of traffic or haulage conditions at work sites

Traffic Safety Evaluation [35313] ?

Crash rates for nighttime and daytime work zones.

Warning Lights on Roadway Operations Equipment [35288] ?

Guidelines for the selection and application of warning lights.

Work Zone Best Practices Guidebook [12286] ?

These practices were collected from those observed during a work zone scanning tour of 26 states

Work Zone Devices [12273] ?

FHWA guidance on crashworthy work zone traffic control devices

Work Zone Fatalities [9008] ?

Statistics about crashes in work zones in the USA

Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program Fact Sheets [31713] ?

List of fact sheets for improving mobility and safety through construction and maintenance work zones.

Work Zone Prediction Model and User's Guide [30771] ?

Created to help estimate free-flow vehicle speeds through two types of construction work zones.

Work Zone Process Review Toolbox [35280] ?

Tools to administer a review of processes.

Work Zone Safety [25768] ?

Highway work zones are among the most dangerous worksites in the construction industry

Work Zone Safety & Traffic Control with a Work Area [30194] ?

Setting up work zones as protection from oncoming vehicular traffic

Work Zone Safety - Federal Regulations [12261] ?

FHWA and OSHA rules and regulations affecting work zone safety

Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule [12262] ?

Published on September 9, 2004 in the Federal Register

Work Zone Safety and Traffic Analysis [33090] ?

Analysis of the work zone may include consideration of items discussed here

Work Zone Safety Clearinghouse [12282] ?

Links to information about work zone safety research projects in the USA

Updated Work Zone Safety Equipment [12259] ?

Database contains records of traffic control devices and safety technology used in work zones

Work Zone Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [21719] ?

A highway workzone safety checklist

Updated Work Zone Safety Program [14811] ?

As implemented by the State of North Carolina

Updated Work Zone Safety Program [14812] ?

Materials to be used to institute a work zone safety program

Work Zone Safety tips [12283] ?

The fundamentals of work zone safety & concepts of flagging in a work zone

Work Zone Safety Training Database [12275] ?

Description of courses, programs, workshops, etc. on work zone safety

Work Zone Traffic Management [33094] ?

Examples of possible performance measures for monitoring work zone traffic management strategies

Work Zone Traffic Safety [8949] ?

MUTCD Recommendations on Sign Spacing for Advance Warning Signs

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