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Search databases of chemicals, MSDS, phone directories, environmental databases, etc.

Chemical Profiles

Over 70 databases of chemical profiles, MSDS, physical properties, structures, spectrum displays, toxic health effects, environmental data, safety guidelines and more. Examples: CAGE, CCRIS,ChemID, DART, EMCI, ETICBACK, HESIS, HSDB, HSSDS, IRIS, ISSDS, LIPIDAT, NAIN, NIST databases, OPPT, RTECS, SAGE, SSDS,TOXNET, TRI, TSCATS. Chemical company directory, chemical directory and custom manufacturing & synthesis directory.

Company Research

Conduct research on US companies by entering the company name or ticker symbol and receive company capsules, profiles, websites, financials, IPO's, research tools from resources such as Dun & Bradstreet Online Solutions, Hoover's, Wall Street Research Net and others. Fortune 500. Global 500. Corporate annual reports.


Acronyms. Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Merritt Glossary of Insurance Terms. Safety & Health Pocket Dictionary. Large number of glossaries and definitions of terms related to risk management, insurance, sciences, managed care, health, legal, transportation, etc.


Internet directories for individuals & businesses. Zip code and area code lookups. Geographic directories. Listserv manual.


More than 40 environmental databases. Examples: ADI - Applicability Determination Index, AIRS - air pollution database, ERNS - Emergency Response Notification System, CEDR: Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource, Chemical Scorecard - TRI, EPA environmental databases, ERNS - Emergency Response Notification System, HazDat, Rachel's Hazardous Waste Newsletters, IRIS - Integrated Risk Information System, maritime environmental safety databases, water quality databases, SEP Database - Supplemental Environmental Projects.


Safety clip art. Animated graphics. Other graphics.


Maps that give door-to-door driving instructions, have interactive functions that allow zoom and directional changes, etc. Yellow Pages maps to businesses in major metropolitan areas.

Medical Databases

Free access to MEDLINE, HealthSTAR, AISLINE, HISTLINE, HSRPROJ, SDILINE, TOXLINE & CANCERLIT. Full text of more than 150 National Academy of Sciences reports on medical sciences & health care. CDC Prevention Guidelines.


US Department of Labor Codes: Standard Industry Classification (SIC) and Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Codes. North American Industry Classification Systems.

Safety Materials

DOE, EPA, NIOSH & OSHA safety & health databases. Safety & health documents from the State of NewJersey. Archives of safety educational materials. Technical safety standards and resources. Documents, research studies, reports and data on highway safety.

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