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Free access to MEDLINE, HealthSTAR, AISLINE, HISTLINE, HSRPROJ, SDILINE, TOXLINE & CANCERLIT. Full text of more than 150 National Academy of Sciences reports on medical sciences & health care. CDC Prevention Guidelines.

43 Resources
AIDS Information Resources [4862] ?

NIH Resources on AIDS

AMA Physician Select [3907] ?

Reference source of demographic and professional information on individual physicians in US

Updated Biotechnology Databases [14772] ?

Access to biomedical and genomic information

CDC Surveys and Data Collection Systems [1017] ?

Access to a variety of CDC reports, guidelines, numeric datasets, etc.

CIRRIE Database [25759] ?

Over 1 24,000 citations of international rehabilitation research published between 1990 and the present

Endocrine Disruptors Knowledge Base [26987] ?

A biological activity database, relevant literature citations, computational models, models for risk assessment

FDA Consensus Standards [15002] ?

Database of FDA consensus standards used for medical device product clearance and approval

Updated GenBank [326] ?

The NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences

Updated GenBank Sequence Database & Other NCBI Databases [3314] ?

Access to biomedical and genomic information

Updated Genetic Testing Registry [18048] ?

A central location for voluntary submission of genetic test information by providers

Hardin Meta Directory [3776] ?

Provides lists of index sites that link to medical and health related topics

HIV/AIDS Information [3508] ?

Access to informatioin on acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and related topics

Updated HIV/AIDS Information [3935] ?

Prevention, testing, treatment, research programs, policies and resources

Hospital Directory [20407] ?

Search for a hospital

Hospital Search [2095] ?

Search engine finds names, addresses, phone numbers, maps of hospitals in the USA

Hospitals Search [26317] ?

A directory of hospitals in throughout the world

Updated HSTAT - Health Services Technology Assessment Text [1042] ?

National Library of Medicine search engine for a variety of databases

Human Genome Resources [9245] ?

Human Genome Project guides and databases

Images from the History of Medicine [16982] ?

Database of the nearly 100,000 images in the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) historical prints

Immunization Registries [3386] ?

Resources related to immunization information systems

International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration [14773] ?

Developed and maintained collaboratively between DDBJ, EMBL, and GenBank

Updated LOCATORplus [13305] ?

Search for books, journals, and audiovisuals in the NLM collections

MEDLINE [616] ?

Access to Medical Literature, Analysis, and Retrieval System Online

Updated Medline Plus [13308] ?

Information on diseases currently under investigation by NIH and other important health-related topi

MeSH [16976] ?

Medical Subject Headings comprise NLM's controlled vocabulary used for indexing articles

Updated National Human Genome Research Institute [10118] ?

DNA and protein sequence, gene expression, cellular role, protein family & taxonomic data

National Institutes of Health Clinical Alerts [1166] ?

National Library of Medicine clinical alerts issued by NIH agencies

National Library of Medicine Databases [28] ?

Access to US National Library of Medicine databases

NLM Databases [16974] ?

Allows users to search in multiple retrieval systems at US National Library of Medicine

NPIN Databases [20740] ?

Information and services related to HIV/AIDS, STDs, and TB

Updated Nutrient Data Laboratory [34046] ?

Food composition databases on foods available in the USA

Orphan Drug Database [18051] ?

Orphan drugs designated by the Food and Drug Administration

Pathology Mini-Tutorials [15813] ?

Include text supplemented by clickable images for viewing

Updated PDQ (Physician Data Query) [9256] ?

Database on current information on cancer treatment and clinical trials

Updated PubMed [2676] ?

Access to MEDLINE and other databases from the National Library of Medicine

Updated PubMed [2194] ?

Access to citations from biomedical literature

Updated PubMed Central [3309] ?

PubMed Central is a digital archive of life sciences journal literature

REHADAT - Database on the Disabled [4503] ?

Online access to ten databases that support vocational integration of the disabled

Updated Reports of the Surgeon General, US Public Health Service [16127] ?

Full text of reports from 1964 to the present

Research: Health and Medicine [8927] ?

Text of National Academy of Sciences reports on medical sciences & health care

Scientific Journals [9221] ?

Links to hundreds of journals related to chemicals, medicine, biology, food, drugs and more

Specialized Information Services [448] ?

National Library of Medicine databases

UMLS [16977] ?

Unified Medical Language System

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Online access to an extensive number of databases on chemicals

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Over 40 EPA environmental databases

Databases / Medical Databases
Online access to massive medical and toxicology databases

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