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Dam Safety

Dam safety, flood control, etc.

Embankment for Earth Dams, Levee Construction Specs [18854] ?

Construction specs manual with sections related to earth dams & levee construction

Earthquake Safety

Earthquake preparation advice

Updated What You Should Know: Earthquake [2522] ?

Prevention guide to promote personal safety and health before, during & after an earthquake

Flood Safety

Flood hazard mitigation materials

Updated Flood: What You Should Know [12646] ?

Consumer guide to assist with flood cleanup safety and much more

Hurricane Safety

Guidelines on how to prevent losses from hurricanes

Updated Hurricane Health & Safety [27687] ?

Hurricane recovery resources including hurricane readiness, food & water safety, evacuation centers & much more

Natural Hazards

Fact sheets on floods, earthquakes, hailstorms, hurricanes, windstorms, etc

Updated Prevention Guides: Natural Disasters & Severe Weather [2520] ?

Series of 12 guides to promote health & safety before, during & after emergencies & disasters

USGS Fact Sheets - Natural Hazards [11034] ?

Understanding natural hazards and their risks

Storm Safety

Reference materials on thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, hail

Lightning Protection System [12072] ?

Construction specs for lightning protection

Updated What You Should Know: Hurricanes [14374] ?

What to do before, during and after a hurricane to promote safety

Updated What You Should Know: Tornadoes [2521] ?

Prevention guide to promote personal health and safety before, during and after a tornado

Volcano Safety

Volcanic hazards

Reducing Volcanic Risk [28909] ?

Volcano risk reduction strategies

Volcanic Risk Zones [19382] ?

5 risk zones in qualitative terms

Winter Safety

Extreme cold and ice storm disaster safety, winter storm preparation

Updated Extreme Cold - A Prevention Guide to Promote Personal Health & Safety [1429] ?

Brochure on cold weather injury prevention guidelines

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