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GCat: Training
MCat: Education

Conferences, workshops and certification resources on emergency training and disaster preparedness, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, fire engineering, environmental safety, etc.

Emergency Management

Conferences, workshops and certification resources on emergency training and disaster preparedness.

Environmental Seminars

Conferences, workshops and certification resources, such as: Water Environment Federation Conferences and Workshops. AAEE schedule of events. SWANA Certification Programs for MSW Management Professionals & training courses in solid waste management. Information on the Diplomate Environmental Engineer (DEE).

Insurance Seminars

Course materials & teaching notes for general concepts & principles of risk management & insurance. Educational programs and certification. Conferences and events.

Occupational Medicine

Clinical cases, academic review and interactive quizzes on primary care medicine. Lists of conferences, multi-media library, online CME courses, & other continuing education resources. Self-study in pharmacology for health professionals. Online tutorials/fact sheets on a large number of occupational and environmental health topics. Self-study tutorials for physicians to learn how to diagnose and treat environmental illnesses.

Safety Seminars

Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Board of Hazard Control Management. Calendars of North American and international seminars, conferences, symposiums and training sessions on occupational safety and health.

Security Seminars

Conferences & seminars. Certification requirements for human resources. Certified Protection Professional details.

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