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GCat: Disasters
MCat: Emergency Management

How to create emergency plans. Publications, maps, reports, fact sheets and other materials that assist with the creation of disaster response plans. Fact sheets, maps, bulletins, emergency response plan, prevention guides on natural hazards - earthquakes, floods, hailstorms, winter storms, hurricanes, wildfires, volcanoes, landslides, etc. Resources and guidance on counter-terrorism, bomb threats, power outages, biochem warfare, radiological events, etc. Guidelines for health services in disasters - manuals of management of chemical casualties, emergency preparedness plans and disaster programs. Hazmat resources - dangerous goods primers, response team plans, spill containment programs. Government emergency response services - federal, state and local. Government contacts and hotlines.

Animal Emergencies

Pets and disaster preparation. Animal CPR. Pet safety.

Business Continuity

Advice on how to create effective Business Continuity Plans (BCP), business disaster recovery and more.

Computer Disasters

Computer disaster recovery plan and contingency planning


FEMA contacts and hotlines, EPA contacts and hotlines, LEPC - Local Emergency Planning Committee contacts, National Response Center for reporting chemical incidents, oil spills, etc. Report terrorist activity to the FBI

Disaster Mitigation

Flood Clean-up Guidelines. Disaster Recovery Program guidance. How to mitigate property losses from wildfires, floods, earthquakes & wind, etc. Managing water infiltration into buildings.

Disaster Planning

How to create emergency plans. Publications, maps, reports, fact sheets and other materials that assist with the creation of disaster response plans.

Emergency Plans

Examples of emergency procedures and plans - some currently in use

Emergency Transport

Emergency transportation operations

Environmental Health

Environmental concerns related to disasters - handling cadavers, sanitation, waste management, etc.

Evacuation Maps

Hurricane and tsunami evacuation maps by state. Contraflow maps. Tool for states to develop mapping application for hurricane evacuation zone.


Materials to assist with the creation of an emergency evacuation plan, including special requirements for the disabled.

Government Services

Links to US federal, state and local government program services responsible for disaster response, terrorism response, etc.


Full text of the National Flood Insurance Program Manual and other resources. Flood Zone A Manual.

Power Outages

Advice on preparing for power outages.

Relief Agencies

Non-government USA-based organizations that provide disaster relief services both domestic within the USA and worldwide.

Rescue Safety

Materials devoted to safety, health & injury prevention related to emergency response

Stress in Disasters

What to say to children about terrorist attacks. Emotional support and guidance post-trauma. PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder guidance.

Survival Supplies

Advice on emergency supplies, first aid kits, food storage, water potability

US Legislation

Key regulations for emergency planning. European Union Seveso II guidance on Safety Management Systems. Reporting triggers for spills of hazardous substances or oil.

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