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Examples of emergency procedures and plans - some currently in use

28 Resources
Building Emergency Plan Template [36497] ?

In use by a major university

Business Continuity Planning Documents [2498] ?

MIT's business continuity planning documents for use in the event of a disaster

Business Disaster Recovery Guide [21744] ?

Planning checklist

CA-California OSHA Emergency Response Field Manual [5116] ?

Full text of the policies and procedures used by Cal/OSHA

Commuter Emergency Plan [pdf] [40828] ?

A worksheet to assist with creating an emergency plan for commuting

Debris Management Planning [27449] ?

For those that are impacted by storm related debris

Updated Developing an Emergency Action Plan [37775] ?

Key components of an Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Action Plan [24324] ?

A template

Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Template [doc] [34679] ?

In use by a major university

Emergency Action Plan Expert [22971] ?

This expert system will help you to create a simple EAP by filling in the blanks

Emergency Action Plan Sample [pdf] [32024] ?

A sample EAP with guidelines for preparing an emergency action plan

Emergency Management Plan - University [pdf] [19371] ?

Plan Preparation Guidance Document

Emergency Management Plan for Community Health Centers [pdf] [2798] ?

Full text of an emergency management plan

Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan [pdf] [22592] ?

Example of a plan in actual use

Emergency Procedures [35341] ?

Example of a university policy for emergencies, including spills, fire prevention plan, custodian spill procedures &more

Emergency Program Elements [14050] ?

A campus emergency program

Emergency Response Guidelines [24074] ?

Example of response guidelines in use at a major university

Emergency Response Plans [10464] ?

Campus and school of medicine emergency response plans

Updated Hospital Disaster Plan [pdf] [21753] ?

The basic hospital disaster plan

How to Develop a Department Emergency Action Plan [14057] ?

Addresses a campus planned response to emergency situations

Updated Library Disaster Plan [22010] ?

Resources to create a library disaster plan

Library Sample Disaster Plans [29767] ?

These are disaster response plans in use by major university library departments

Mail Center Security Guide [pdf] [19851] ?

For mail handling and processing

Sample Emergency Action Plan [37177] ?

A sample written program

School Emergency Preparedness Plan [23477] ?

Example of a school district's procedures for emergencies

School Emergency Preparedness Plan & Forms [8864] ?

Model program can be adapted to the needs of your site

Updated School Site Emergency Operations Plan [pdf] [23493] ?

An emergency plan for a California school district

US National Response Framework [21900] ?

Guiding principles that enable all response partners to prepare for and provide a unified national response to disasters

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Insurance claims data related to natural catastrophic occurrences in the USA

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Property insurance and risk management

Security / Business Security
Crime-free workplace, corporate security, business protection from burglary

Terrorism / Anti-Terrorism
Counter-terrorist activities

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Bomb threat and physical security planning

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