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Animal Emergencies

Tips on caring for animals and pets before, during and after a disaster

Updated Animals in Public Evacuation Centers [pdf] [27689] ?

Health and safety concerns regarding animals kept in non-Red Cross public evacuation centers

Updated Guidelines for Animal Health & Control of Disease Transmission in Pet Shelters [27688] ?

Guidance for the care of animals entering shelters and for persons working with or handling the animals

Updated Guidelines for Animal Health and Control of Disease Transmission in Pet Shelters [30206] ?

Guidance for the care of animals & for persons working with or handling the animals in response to disasters

Computer Disasters

Computer disaster recovery plan

Improving Disaster Management in IT [30298] ?

The Role of IT in Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery


Guidelines on emergency evacuation programs, fire drills, etc.

Employee Emergency and Fire Prevention Plans [541] ?

Discussion of OSHA requirements for emergency evacuation and fire prevention plans

Government Services

US federal , state and local government disaster response services

Updated CDC: BioTerrorism Preparedness and Response [19774] ?

Helps prepare the USA for a deliberate bioterrorism attack

Power Outages

Safety tips for a blackout

Updated Vaccine Storage & Power Outage [24218] ?

Impact of Power Outage on Vaccine Storage

Updated What You Need to Know When the Power Goes Out Unexpectedly [24217] ?

Tips to help you prepare for and cope with sudden loss of power

Rescue Safety

Rescue training and emergency response materials

Updated Hurricane Response and Cleanup Worker Safety [27686] ?

Safety and health guidance for workers involved in responding to hurricanes

Updated Respirators & Protective Clothing Guidelines for Bioterrorism First Response [20294] ?

Advice for first responders from the US CDC

Survival Supplies

Advice on emergency supplies, disaster kits, food storage, water potability

Emergency Preparedness Plan Advice [31940] ?

Discusses emergency preparedness related to food, supplies, first aid kit

Updated Sheltering in Place [23480] ?

How to prepare to shelter in place

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