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GCat: Hazards & Controls
MCat: Equipment Safety

Machine guarding, crane safety, hoist safety, forklift safety, lockout/tagout programs, sandblasting safety, firearm safety, elevator safety, tool safety, welding safety, material handling, platform safety.

Battery Safety

Safety guidance related to the use and handling of batteries such as battery charging


Safety programs. Operating rules, maintenance procedures, etc. Inspection, maintenace, operation and design requirements for overhead cranes and hoists.

Elevator Safety

Safety materials, codes, technical bulletins, etc. related to elevator and escalator safety, including construction elevator safety.

Equipment Safety

Safety meeting talks. Safety product information. Escalators, outdoor equipment. Industrial robots. Woodworking machinery safety manual. Industrial robots.

Firearm Safety

Series of safety articles on gun safety rules, guides to gun safety, etc.

Forklift Safety

Full text of fork truck safety program and operator training. Forklift safety guide and inspection checklists. Procedures for the safe operation of lift trucks. Preventing tipover.


Fact sheets and technical manuals on portable ladders, mobile work platforms, etc.


Equipment electrical safety, lockout/tagout programs, preventing electrical shocks, electrostatic discharge, surge protection

Machine Guarding

Full text of machine safeguarding programs. Guidelines.

Material Handling

Information on material handling, conveyors, bucket brigades, pallets, pallet standards, conveyor systems, automatic guided vehicle systems, containers, storage systems.

Mobile Equipment Safety

Reference materials to prevent injuries in the use of construction equipment such as road construction equipment, backhoe safety, front end loader safety, mobile equipment safety, heavy equipment operation safety, etc.

OSHA Cranes-Hoists

OSHA reference materials on crane and hoist safety - derricks, etc.

OSHA Electrical

OSHA technical resources to assist with control of electrical hazards. Directives and guidance to OSHA inspectors on lockout/tagout inspections.

OSHA Machinery

Full text of OSHA's manual on the concepts and techniques of machine safeguarding. Technical resources to comply with OSHA machine guarding standards. OSHA's machine guarding checklist assists in compliance with safeguarding standards. Technical resources for compliance with OSHA robotics standards.

Pressure Washing

The physics of pressure washing and its process.

Sandblasting Safety

Safety and health requirements for sandblasting. Description of sandblasting equipment. What you can do to control the hazards from silica. Canadian safety requirements that must be undertaken by blast operators and other crew personnel for safe sandblast cleaning.

Tool Safety

Guidance on hand tool and power tool requirements for OSHA General Industry, Construction & Maritime Standards. Chain saw safety.

Welding Safety

Welding hazard control bulletins, fact sheets, guidance, resources.

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