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Cat: Battery Safety

Safety guidance related to the use and handling of batteries such as battery charging

23 Resources
Auto Battery Safety Considerations [25996] ?

The basics of lead-acid battery safety and handling guidelines

Battery Chargers [9752] ?

Hints & tips about battery charging

Battery Charging Station Procedure [pdf] [30242] ?

Safety procedures for battery charging areas

Battery Maintenance Procedure [pdf] [30241] ?

Safety procedures for battery maintenance

Battery Safety Factsheet [pdf] [25988] ?

On 9 volt batteries

Battery Safety Precautions [25987] ?

Provides sulfuric acid battery safety information

Battery Safety Presentation [25986] ?

Training presentation for general industry battery safety

Battery Safety Requirements [27471] ?

DOT rules and notices and more

Exploding Battery Incidents [25984] ?

Lessons learned from battery explosions

How to Jump Start a Car Battery Safely [25982] ?

Steps to take to reduce the chance of blindness when jump starting a battery

Industrial Battery Manual [25990] ?

Includes battery safety, storage, care, maintenance, etc of lead-acid batteries

Jump-Starting a Car Battery [pdf] [25960] ?

Procedures for safely jumping starting a car battery

Lead Acid Battery Maintenance and Safety Protocol [25989] ?

Lead acide battery basics and standard precautions

Lead Battery Basics [27615] ?

What it is

Lead-Acid Batteries [27616] ?

Starting Batteries and Deep-Cycle Batteries

Lead-Acid Battery Recycling - State Laws [39513] ?

A chart that describes the lead-acid battery recycling laws in the states where they exist

Lead-Acid Battery Safety [39512] ?

Observe these precautions when handling or working with a lead-acid battery

Lithium Battery Fires [25992] ?

These batteries must be used in a manner that precludes ancillary fire. The following is recommended.

Lithium Battery Fires [25995] ?

Fire can result from improper charging, crash damage, or shorting the batteries

Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack Safety Precautions [pdf] [25993] ?

Incorrect handling of a lithium ion rechargeable battery may cause leakage, heat, smoke, explosion, or fire

Updated Safely Jump Starting Batteries [27474] ?

Advice for safe jump starting of batteries

Tips for Safe Flying Travel With Batteries [25994] ?

Lithium Batteries: Safety and Security

Understanding Batteries [pdf] [14357] ?

A guide to understanding battery specifications

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