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Safety programs. Operating rules, maintenance procedures, etc. Inspection, maintenace, operation and design requirements for overhead cranes and hoists.

53 Resources
A Guide to Cranes and Derricks [pdf] [37754] ?

Text of the manual

Basic Rigging Workbook [pdf] [40644] ?

Training materials for safe lifting of materials using rigging equipment

Bridge Crane Safety [16241] ?

Outlines the requirements for safe operations through the use of a checklist

Chain Hoist Safety Practices [26409] ?

An article discusses chain hoist safety

Climbing Frame Inspection Form [pdf] [40428] ?

A sample checklist

Construction Crane Safety [16111] ?

Includes a typical load chart

Conveying Systems Specs [18850] ?

Construction specs manual with sections related to cranes, etc

Crane Accident Statistics [19528] ?

Statistics on crane-related accidents in the USA

Crane Accidents - Articles [19527] ?

Articles about crane operations, certification, safety, accidents

Crane and Hoist & Rigging Safety Program [pdf] [2659] ?

Text of the safety guidelines, self inspection checklist etc. for a crane and hoist safety program

Crane and Rigging Safety Rules [18578] ?

A list of safety rules

Crane Considerations [26412] ?

Operational considerations for crane safety

Crane Safety Policy [16227] ?

Applies to overhead and gantry cranes, semi-gantry, cantilever gantry, wall cranes, storage bridge cranes, etc

Crane Safety Program [pdf] [26407] ?

Text of a program in use at a major university

Crane Use - Post Flood [30193] ?

Safety hazards likely to be encountered using cranes after a flood such as during building demolition

Crane-Related Accidents - Cause Analysis [pdf] [26415] ?

The predominant causes for accidents involving cranes

Cranes & Hoists Safety Requirements [17019] ?

Example of a safety manual and forms related to hoists and cranes

Cranes - Basic Overview [pdf] [38754] ?

Types of cranes

Cranes and Hoists Safety Program [pdf] [26414] ?

Safety guidance

Electrocution & Cranes [pdf] [16228] ?

Prevent crane electrocutions

Floor-Operated Hoist Pre-Shift Checklist [26438] ?

11 item checklist

Hoisting and Rigging Manual [pdf] [19427] ?

Text of a crane and hoist safety manual

Hoisting and Rigging Manual [pdf] [26439] ?

Includes worksheets

Hoisting and Rigging Safety Guidance [14355] ?

Safety materials in use at a major university

How a Block and Tackle Works [5468] ?

Explains the physics of block and tackle

Inspection of Hoisting Equipment [pdf] [3448] ?

Guidelines for safety inspections of electrically operated hoisting equipment

Managing Mobile Crane Hazards [26411] ?

For the safety person

Manlift Pre-Use Inspection Form [pdf] [30240] ?

To be used prior to use

Materials Handling [8362] ?

Safety information about cranes, hoists, wire rope, slings, hitches, hooks, hand signals, etc.

MI-Michigan Overhead Cranes [23128] ?

Compliance materials for MIOSHA Overhead and Gantry Cranes standard

Minimum Crane Inspection Guide [doc] [26408] ?

How often to check various systems, switches and mechanisms

Mobile Crane - OSHA Inspection Guidelines [pdf] [23787] ?

For OSHA compliance officers

National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators [19117] ?

Test and certify crane operators in the USA

National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators [32828] ?

Administers certification programs for operators of mobile cranes, tower cranes and overhead cranes

OSHA Cranes and Derricks in Construction [38375] ?

Compliance assistance for the rules

OSHA Subpart CC Qualified Rigger [pdf] [26413] ?

This fact sheet describes the qualified rigger requirements of subpart CC

OSHA Subpart CC Qualified Signal Person [pdf] [16230] ?

This fact sheet describes the signal person qualification requirements of subpart CC

Overhead Crane Pre-Use Inspection Checklist [pdf] [30239] ?

To be used prior to use

Overhead Crane Safety [529] ?

Fact sheet describing inspection, maintenace, operation and design requirements for overhead cranes

Overhead Hoist Inspection [31931] ?

Inspection checklists for hand chain-operated hoists and for electric or air-powered hoists

Rigging Techniques, Procedures and Applications [14098] ?

Field manual on rigging

Rules for Rigging [pdf] [26062] ?

Inspections and general requirements for rigging safety

Sample Crane & Hoist Safety Program [doc] [25411] ?

Involves the use of cranes and hoists installed in or attached to buildings

Sling Safety Tutorial [32557] ?

Online slide presentation module describes the proper selection, maintenance, and use of slings

SOP Hoists and Cranes [pdf] [27071] ?

Recommendations for safe work procedures when using cranes and hoists

State Requirements for the Licensing of Crane Operators [32831] ?

15 states and 6 cities have licensing requirements for crane operators - resources related to some of these requirements

Subpart R Photos [16239] ?

Photos explaining the OSHA requirements for Subpart R

Technical Library - Cranes and Attachments [16248] ?

Safety operation procedures for cranes with information on rigging gear, wire rope inspection, etc - view online

Telescoping Boom Hydraulic Crane Inspection [16246] ?

A crane inspection checklist

Truck-Mounted Crane and Winch Training [pdf] [19016] ?

Lesson outlines for material-handling crane and self-recovery winch operations

Types of Cranes Generally Found in the Workplace [pdf] [32537] ?

Drawings of various types of cranes

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OSHA technical resources on cranes

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