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Fact sheets and technical manuals on portable ladders, mobile work platforms, etc.

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Aerial Lifts - Safe Use [30192] ?

For aerial lift operators and supervisors

Aerial Work Platforms - Lift Safely in Tight Spots [37002] ?

Over 80% of aerial lift accidents are the result of operator error

Ladder Requirements [518] ?

Fact sheet describing OSHA/ANSI ladder requirements and safe use

Ladder Safety Basics [22281] ?

Introduction on basic ladder safety for workers

Ladder Safety Checklist [pdf] [36398] ?

Includes some Do Not's

Ladder Safety Procedures [35338] ?

Points to remember regarding general ladder safety

Ladder Safety Smart Phone App [26422] ?

The app provides feedback to the user on positioning the extension ladder at the optimal angle

Ladder Safety Storage and Handling [17023] ?

Tips for safe storage and handling of portable ladders

Updated Ladder Safety Tips [11538] ?

How to choose a ladder - safe climbing habits

Ladder Stability Devices [25781] ?

Findings of an extensive investigation into the performance of leaning ladder stability and manual ladder footing

Ladders [8360] ?

Storing, handling, inspection and use of ladders

Mobile Elevating Work Platform Safety [pdf] [27061] ?

Example of a mobile work platform safety policy

Portable Ladder Safety [26182] ?

Guidelines to prevent injuries when using portable ladders

Portable Ladder Safety Checklist [27058] ?

Checklist for portable ladder safety

Portable Ladders Safety Checklist [pdf] [3167] ?

Checklist on the proper use of portable ladders

Safe Ladder Use [26641] ?

Safe ladder rules

Safety Checklist for Mobile Ladder Stands [3166] ?

Designed for controlling falls from mobile ladder stands

Stairways & Ladders: A Guide to OSHA Rules [pdf] [26331] ?

For workplace safety

UK: Portable Ladders Safety [27059] ?

Safe work practices for a portable ladder safety program

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