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Equipment electrical safety, lockout/tagout programs, preventing electrical shocks, electrostatic discharge, surge protection

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Cal OSHA Lockout/Tagout eTool [11346] ?

For employers in California

CAL/OSHA Lockout Tagout [doc] [36726] ?

Text of the state of California's LOTO requirements

Campus Lockout Tagout Procedure [pdf] [27293] ?

In use at a major university

Canada: Lockout/Tagout General Safety Requirements [pdf] [17026] ?

General lockout guidelines

Control of Hazardous Energy [pdf] [6458] ?

Lock-out/tag-out program used by the US Army Corps of Engineers

Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout - Tagout Program [2246] ?

Full text of a lockout - tagout program for the control of hazardous energy

Controlled Access Procedure - High Voltage Hazards [pdf] [35169] ?

For authorizing those who may be permitted to enter areas with electrical capacitors or high voltage capacitors

Updated Electrical Safety Rules [16113] ?

Also includes guidance on how to rescue an electrical shock victim

Electrostatic Discharge [16515] ?

Principles of static electricity and its control

Equipment Lockout/Tagout Program [pdf] [22015] ?

Full text of a program in use by a major university

Example of a Lockout/Tagout Program [pdf] [27082] ?

In use by a major university

Fact Sheet on Lockout/Tagout, 29 CFR 1910.147 [3103] ?

Fact sheet outlines the basics required by OSHA's lockout tagout standard

Facts About Power Surges [22211] ?

How a power surge causes damage

Lock Out - Tag Out Program [1297] ?

Lock Out - Tag Out Program - full text

Lock-Out/Tag-Out Annual Inspection Process [27317] ?

Emphasizes lockout/tagout procedures for each machine

Lockout / Tagout Technical Reference Manual [3170] ?

Full text of a technical reference manual on lockout / tagout safety

Lockout /Tagout Requirements for Machine Setup [26894] ?

A discussion of OSHA LOTO requirements for die-setting activitites and machine setup operations

Lockout Tagout - Understanding Hazardous Energy [pdf] [31770] ?

Understanding energy-control procedures

Lockout Tagout Guidelines for the Control of Hazardous Energy Sources [pdf] [31771] ?

A safety guide for lockout tagout procedures

Lockout Tagout Procedures [pdf] [10151] ?

Example of a LOTO program

Lockout Tagout Safety Program Implementation Tools [16604] ?

Support materials for implementing a LOTO program

Lockout Tagout Training Presentation [36727] ?

A Powerpoint presentation of LOTO requirements

Lockout/Tagout Booklet [pdf] [39903] ?

OSHA requirements for the control of hazardous energy

Lockout/Tagout Checklist [pdf] [26022] ?

A series of yes/no to audit your lockout/tagout program (pdf)

Lockout/Tagout for Employers [1573] ?

Guidelines on the components of a good lockout program, etc.

Lockout/Tagout Laboratory Safety Procedures [pdf] [26732] ?

Example of a laboratory lockout/tagout safety program

Lockout/Tagout Manual [pdf] [28498] ?

Seeks to ensure that effective lockout/tagout procedures are used to isolate and control hazardous energies

Lockout/Tagout Manual [pdf] [23313] ?

Full text of LOTO safety program

Lockout/Tagout Policy [25335] ?

Sample policy in use at a major university

Lockout/Tagout Program [pdf] [35340] ?

In use at a major university

Lockout/Tagout Safety Clearance Procedure [pdf] [35168] ?

For authorizing those who may be permitted to lock out and tag out electrically-energized equipment

LOTO Tutorial [9687] ?

Designed to assist with compliance to OSHA standard 1910.147

LOTO Written Program [pdf] [29091] ?

Example of a lockout/tagout program

Updated OSHA Lockout/Tagout Requirements [16115] ?

Outlines OSHA LOTO requirements

Repairing Aluminum Wiring [pdf] [22210] ?

What the homeowner can do

Sample Energy Control Program (Lockout/Tagout) [15236] ?

Fill in the blank sample safety program

Sample Hazardous Energy Control Program [25124] ?

Sample lockout/tagout program materials

Sample Lockout Tagout Program [26675] ?

Example of a safety program for locking out and tagging out electrical equipment

Sample Lockout/Tagout Plan [pdf] [18359] ?

Full text of a sample safety program related to LOTO

Sample Lockout/Tagout Procedures [18915] ?

Typical minimal lockout procedures

Sample Lockout/Tagout Program [pdf] [9684] ?

Sample written program

Sample Lockout/Tagout Program [pdf] [31550] ?

A sample written program

Sample Lockout/Tagout Safety Materials [31549] ?

To assist employers

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