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Safety and health requirements for sandblasting. Description of sandblasting equipment. What you can do to control the hazards from silica. Canadian safety requirements that must be undertaken by blast operators and other crew personnel for safe sandblast cleaning.

8 Resources
Abrasive Blasting Manual [37734] ?

For preventing silicosis

Considerations for Sandblasting Safety [35637] ?

A toolbox topic

Dangers of Sandblasting [18370] ?

Avoid Silicosis from Abrasive Sand Blasting

Updated Sandblasting & Silica Exposure Control Plan [pdf] [35638] ?

For respirable crystalline silica and other contaminants during abrasive- blasting operations

Sandblasting - A High Risk Occupation [35653] ?

Covers the basics health hazards associated with sandblasting

Updated Sandblasting Safety Materials [18406] ?

For employers

Silica Safety Data Sheet [pdf] [18371] ?

SDS on silica

Updated SOP for Sandblasting Safety [pdf] [35649] ?

An example of safe operating procedures for sandblasting

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