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Battery Safety

Safety guidance related to the use and handling of batteries such as battery cha

Lithium Battery Fires [25995] ?

Fire can result from improper charging, crash damage, or shorting the batteries

Forklift Safety

Forklift safety program materials

Canada: Guideline for the Safe Operation and Maintenance of Powered Lift Trucks [17018] ?

Requirements in Ontario, Canada for safe forklift operations

NFPA 505 - Fire Safety Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks [32509] ?

Including type designations, areas of use, conversions, maintenance and operations

Machine Guarding

Machine safeguarding materials

Machine Guarding [17025] ?

Concepts and techniques of machine safeguarding

OSHA Electrical

OSHA technical resources on electrical, including lock-out/tag-out

Welding Safety

Bulletins, guidance on safety in welding

Hot Work Guidelines [25360] ?

Description of procedures to reduce the risk of fire when using torch equipment

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