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GCat: Hazards & Controls
MCat: Ergonomics

Tools & resources to establish ergonomics programs and comply with OSHA requirements. Reference materials related to ergonomics workplace hazards, such as: ergonomic tables, anthropometry resources, models, etc. Technical resources on the hazards of computer use. Real-life case studies from more than 40 sources. Checklists and medical symptom surveys. Ergonomics program templates and guidelines. Success stories on implementing effective ergonomics programs. Lifting hazard evaluations. Employee guides. Certification, seminar and continuing education information. Medical treatment of common ergonomics-related injuries, e.g., low back pain, CTS, knee, shoulder, hip, foot & ankle problems.


Anthropometric data of adults and children. Research on ergonomics issues related to body size. Anthropometric factors in human factors design. Tutorial.

Chairs/Sitting Hazards

Resources address common ergonomics issues related to sitting and chair selection. Seated postures. Chair adjustments. Ergonomic seating.

Computer Ergonomics

Analysis of computer hazards. Answers to common questions about computer use &, typing injuries. Tips on injury prevention. VDT radiation. Keyboard positioning. Computer eyestrain. Workstation evaluations. Environmental office aspects. Cumulative trauma in office workers.

Ergo Case Studies

Real-life ergonomic case studies for a wide variety of workplace repetitive motion, lifting and manual handling tasks related to a diverse group of industries such as manufacturing, office work, custodial, agricultural, printing, apparel, and many more.

Ergo Exercises

Recommended exercises and stretches to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, etc. and to to improve comfort when using the computer. Exercises for sore shoulder. The Rolf Institute.

Ergo Hazards

Ergonomics tools and manuals. Principles of ergonomics. Universal design principles. Answers to common questions on RSI. Implementation of ergonomics controls. CTD comparison chart. Lecture notes. Ergo statistics helper. Human Factors Design Guide.

Ergo Management

Calculation of cost/benefit analysis form for ergonomics. The costs of ergonomic injuries and the benefits of prevention. Tips for supervisors and managers to manage cumulative trauma injuries.

Ergo Research

Descriptions of colleges, universities, research centers , etc. that have laboratories and conduct research in the fields of ergonomics & human factors.

Ergonomics Programs

Ergonomics program development. Ergonomics program guidance. Physical ability testing. Basic elements for healthcare ergonomics programs. Full text of a laboratory ergonomics program. Examples of effective ergonomics workplace practices. Sample ergonomics programs.

Hand Tool Design

Biomechanical considerations in hand tool design.

Lifting Hazards

Applications Manual for the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation. Original and revised lifting NIOSH equations. Utah simplified model. Proper lifting techniques. Facts about back pain & back injuries, back belts.

Medical Ergonomics

Medical diagnosis and treatment of ergonomic-related injuries. Clinical guidelines and primary care management of acute low back pain. AHCPR guidelines on acute low back problems in adults. Teaching module for physicians and health care professionals on low back pain . Carpal tunnel syndrome. Series of ergonomic medicine guides designed for patients that provide explanations & illustrations. Medical management in an ergonomics program. Painful shoulder diagnosis and treatment.

OSHA Ergonomics

Directives for ergonomic inspection instruction to OSHA inspectors. OSHA technical resources to assist with control of ergonomics hazards.

Pushing/Pulling Hazards

Reference materials related to pushing and pulling activities. Force limits for horizontal and vertical pushing and pulling. Safety in the use of hand and powered trucks and carts.

Standing Hazards

Guidance on controlling the ergonomics hazards associated with standing, standing/seated workstations, etc. Use of anti-fatigue mats.

Upper Limb Hazards

Rapid Upper Limit Assessment methodologies. Hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder musculoskeletal disorders.

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