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Anthropometric data of adults and children. Research on ergonomics issues related to body size. Anthropometric factors in human factors design. Tutorial.

24 Resources
1995 Matched Anthropometric Database of US Marine Corps Personnel [pdf] [29745] ?

76 dimensions from the USMC anthropometric databases are summarized

2012 Anthropometric Study of Truck Drivers in the USA [40735] ?

U.S. truck driver anthropometric study and multivariate anthropometric models for cab designs

Updated AnthroKids - Anthropometric Data of Children [2055] ?

Public domain database of child anthropmetric data from Consumer Product Safety Commission

Updated Anthropometric Data of Federal Aviation Administration Technical Operations Personnel [pdf] [8295] ?

Used in human factors design standards of the FAA

Anthropometric Database - CIPIC Head Related Transfer Functions [27468] ?

HRTF measurements for 45 different subjects - head-related impulse responses

Anthropometric Reference Data [24288] ?

A variety of data - for children, adults, overweight, Hispanics and more

Anthropometric Source Book [pdf] [32135] ?

Anthropometry for designers

Anthropometric Source Book Volume II [pdf] [32136] ?

Includes human body dimensions

Anthropometrics for Adults [32134] ?

Anthropometric data resources

Updated Anthropometry and Biomechanics [pdf] [30045] ?

Application principles and their resulting rules

Anthropometry and Biomechanics [24257] ?

General Anthropometrics & Biomechanics Related Design Considerations

Anthropometry and Biometrics [32333] ?

Anthropometric tables and guidance

Anthropometry of US Army [32131] ?

Data are suitable for human factors engineering applications

Anthropometry Survey of Female Fightfighters [pdf] [32132] ?

A database of operational female anthropometrics

Biomechanics and Dummies [21151] ?

Values for anthropomorphic dummies used in vehicle crash tests

Body Dimensions of the Belgian Population [32332] ?

2005 study of the anthropometric dimensions of the Belgian population

CAESAR [3095] ?

Executive summary of the international CAESAR 3-D anthropometric database project

Collecting Anthropometric Measures of Children [29746] ?

Training handbook on survey methodology; general procedures; anthropometric equipment; how to weigh &measure children

Dexterity Disability Ergonomics Data [pdf] [32338] ?

Specific anthropometric and strength data for people with dexterity disability

ISO/TR 7250-2 Press Release [36773] ?

Anthropometric data (human body measurements across populations) from around the world (ordering info - fees) 2010 data

Strength Data for Design Safety Phase 1 [pdf] [32336] ?

Ergonomics design data primarily focused on hand-related characteristics (e.g. grip, push-pull strength)

Strength Data for Design Safety Phase 2 [pdf] [32337] ?

Ergonomics design data primarily focused on hand-related characteristics (e.g. grip, push-pull strength)

Strength Data for Design Safety: Phase 1 [pdf] [29747] ?

Contains strength data for six types of force exertion for children, adults and older adults

Strength Data for Design Safety: Phase 2 [pdf] [29748] ?

Contains strength data for eight types of force exertion for children, adults and older adults

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