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Real-life ergonomic case studies for a wide variety of workplace repetitive motion, lifting and manual handling tasks related to a diverse group of industries such as manufacturing, office work, custodial, agricultural, printing, apparel, and many more.

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Apparel Manufacturing Ergonomic Challenges [17438] ?

Final Report of ergonomics study of three apparel manufacturing plants

Baggage Handling [12649] ?

Describes common hazards and possible solutions for baggage handling

Bench-top Heat-Shrink Application Device [22617] ?

Replaced the standard heat gun with a device that employed resistance heat technology

Best Practices for Hospital Ergonomics [pdf] [6310] ?

A slide presentation

Building the Ergonomic Guitar [36987] ?

Combining art with ergonomics

Casting Saw Automation [22614] ?

Description of a case study that removed the operator from the cutting process

Class Projects [96] ?

Ergonomics workstation evaluation reports - supermarket checkout station, library workstations, etc

Comparative Studies of Office Lighting [941] ?

Cornell University comparative studies of direct and indirect office lighting

Computer Ergonomics Success Stories [19245] ?

3 case studies that solved problems - includes photos

Computer Users & Electric Height Adjustable Worksurfaces [6309] ?

Effects of an Electric Height-Adjustable Worksurface on Self-Assessed Musculoskeletal Discomfort and Productivity

Control of Ergonomic Hazards from Squeegee Handles in Screen-Printing Industry [608] ?

Hazard control guidelines from NIOSH on squeegee hazards in the screenprinting industry

CUergo Reports [2071] ?

Download reports from Cornell University - office ergonomics, school ergonomics, hotel ergonomics

Deburring Metal Parts [27027] ?

A case study of solutions for reducing repetitive motion stress when deburring metal parts

Dental Prosthetics Laboratory - Ergonomics Intervention [pdf] [38456] ?

Describes ergonomic improvements in a dental prosthetic laboratory

Ergonomic Audit and Back Injury Assessment of Custodial Staff [2195] ?

A systematic audit of postural risks, poor tool design, and unsafe work practices

Ergonomic Exposures And Controls [pdf] [38747] ?

Truck unloading and sorting, compressed gas cylinder filling, chemical weighing, trash collection and recycling

Ergonomic Intervention for the Soft Drink Beverage Delivery Industry [6221] ?

1996 NIOSH publication on ergonomics in soft drink beverage delivery industry

Ergonomic Interventions in the Building, Repair, and Dismantling of Ships [18366] ?

NIOSH ergonomics study of the shipbuilding industry

Ergonomic Management Software & Work Performance [19237] ?

20 page report on study of the use of ergonomic work pacing software

Ergonomic Redesign For Checkout Stations [2810] ?

Results of an ergonomics study of a supermarket checkout station

Ergonomic Risk Factors in Commercial Drycleaners [pdf] [6236] ?

The hazards and controls

Ergonomic Solutions [27030] ?

Solutions for reducing repetitive stress for a variety of tasks

Ergonomics and Dental Work [pdf] [18972] ?

For dentistry professionals

Ergonomics Best Practices for Industry [25767] ?

A series of best practice documents for construction, healthcare, plastics, public employers

Ergonomics Best Practices in the Food-Processing Industry [pdf] [28393] ?

ideas for making practical ergonomic improvements

Ergonomics Case Studies [pdf] [1574] ?

Brief examples of ergonomics savings

Ergonomics Case Studies [11831] ?

Series of case studies in ergonomics

Ergonomics Case Studies [36495] ?

A series of ergonomics case studies conducted by a major university - plant nursery, lab, dental hygiene and more

Ergonomics Case Study: Six Sigma Methodology [28899] ?

Using Six Sigma enables employers to develop program improvements based on measurement and analysis

Ergonomics Extended Care Facility [pdf] [27187] ?

Best practices document for ergonomics in extended care facilities

Ergonomics Ideas Bank [15267] ?

A searchable collection of ideas for finding ways to fix hazards in your workplace

Updated Ergonomics in the Workplace - California [35723] ?

California ergonomics fact sheets related to industrial, service industries and general industry

Ergonomics of Driving [17030] ?

Advice for drivers

Ergonomics Research Studies [78] ?

Variety of ergonomics research studies conducted at Cornell University

Ergonomics Solutions: Beverage Delivery [8436] ?

Describes ergonomic hazards and possible solutions for workers in the Beverage Delivery Industry

ErgoWeb Case Studies [960] ?

Real life ergonomics case studies

Furniture Industry Ergonomics Program [pdf] [29336] ?

A guidance document to implement best practices in ergonomics in the furniture industry

Furniture Industry Voluntary Ergonomics Guideline [pdf] [29335] ?

Best practices ergonomics program

Grocery Store Ergonomics [39230] ?

Guidelines for grocery stores

Grocery Warehousing [17433] ?

Ergonomic hazards and solutions related to grocery warehousing

Hotel Ergonomics [2169] ?

Case study of the hotel worker's environment

Human Factors and Process Safety Management [pdf] [16881] ?

Missing human factors elements in PSM

Lead Protection in the Workplace [20540] ?

Lead Exposure Prevention Strategies

Manhole Covers - Manual Handling [39275] ?

How to remove a manhole cover

Mining and Ergonomics [28952] ?

Methods to minimize manual materials handling injuries in mining

NIOSH Ergonomics Health Hazard Evaluations [962] ?

Case studies of a shoe company, a grocery warehouse, a cabinet company, etc.

Nursing Homes Ergonomic Guidelines [39234] ?

For resident lifting and repositioning

Occupations and Workplaces [8378] ?

Reducing the risk factors for RMIs by industry group

OR-OSHA Worksite Redesign Final Reports [22618] ?

1995-2001 program provided grants to employers to address ergonomic problems

Plastics Industry Ergonomic Best Practices [pdf] [29897] ?

Ergonomics best practices advice for plastics facilities

Poultry Processing Health Hazard Evaluation [pdf] [40441] ?

Musculoskeletal Disorders and Traumatic Injuries Among Employees at a Poultry Processing Plant

Poultry Processing Industry Ergonomic Guidelines [pdf] [39232] ?

For common job functions within poultry processing facilities

Poultry Processing Plant Health Hazard Evaluation [40741] ?

Evaluating Musculoskeletal Disorders and Traumatic Injuries in a Poultry Processing Plant

Printing Industry Ergonomics [28850] ?

Potential hazards and possible ergonomic solutions for tasks involved with offset printing

Removing Decals & Ergonomics [27029] ?

A solution for reducing repetitive stress when removing decals

Research Studies, Literature Reviews - Musculoskeletal Problems [11814] ?

Ergonomics research studies in French - a few in English

Ribbon Tying & Ergonomics [27028] ?

A solution for reducing repetitive stress when tying ribbons

Semiconductors: Ergonomic Stressors on Process Tool Maintenance and Utilization [pdf] [13321] ?

Proposes solutions to reduce the negative impact on productivity

Sewing and Related Procedures [17437] ?

Example ergonomics solutions specific to sewing

Sewing Station [17444] ?

Ergonomic Challenges in Conventional and Advanced Apparel Manufacturing

SHARP Ergonomics Studies [3859] ?

Summaries of ergonomics reports completed in the state of Washington

Shipyards - Ergonomics Guidelines [pdf] [33608] ?

provides practical recommendations to help reduce the number and severity of musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace

Tactical Displays for Soldiers: Human Factors Considerations [3901] ?

Helmet-mounted display technology human factors considerations

United Kingdom: Ergonomics & Manual Handling [23714] ?

MSD in the workplace - prevention and management

US Postal Services Ergonomics Practices [31341] ?

Describes the overall ergonomics process and ten task interventions taken by the US Postal Service

Veterinary Practice Ergonomics Guidelines [36402] ?

Risk factors and tasks in veterinary medicine that can lead to musculoskeletal injury

WMSD Toolbox [pdf] [9445] ?

For investigations of WMSDs in work settings

Woodshop Tilting Stacker [22613] ?

Worked with a material handling equipment vendor to have a modified lifting/tilting stacker constructed

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