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GCat: Hazards & Controls
MCat: Ergonomics
Cat: Standing Hazards

Guidance on controlling the ergonomics hazards associated with standing, standing/seated workstations, etc. Use of anti-fatigue mats.

7 Resources
Anti-Fatigue Mats [8357] ?

Discussion on when anit-fatigue mats should be used

Best Practices: Ergonomic Standing Surfaces for Workers [29901] ?

Ask these essential questions before buying an anti-fatigue mat

High Heels, Handbags and Health Hazards [30019] ?

To avoid problems from high heels

Intermittent Sitting/Standing for Computer Users [16809] ?

Example of a workstation for sitting/standing

Nine Points to Consider When Buying An Anti-Fatigue Mat [26702] ?

Article recommends considering the following nine points when purchasing an anti-fatigue mat

Standing and its Hazards [39449] ?

Long-term complications of standing

Working in Standing and Standing/Sitting Positions [8356] ?

Basic information on standing and standing/sitting workstations

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