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GCat: Hazards & Controls
MCat: Fire Safety

Information of interest to professionals involved in fire prevention, facilities management, fire emergency planning and related areas. Reference materials, fact sheets, bulletins, fire emergency response plans. Fire hazard recognition and control. Property protection, fire engineering, sprinklers, etc. Lighting and emergency lighting guidelines. Boiler safety.


ADA accessibility guidelines for buildings and facilities. Building accessibility and mental retardation.


Safety bulletins related to the safety, operation, repair and maintenance of boilers & pressure vessels.

Building Design

Designing buildings for fire safety - controlling and reducing fire spread. Fire protection for steel columns. Technical information on construction materials, equipment, and systems. Mathematical models used to calculate fire resistance.

Dust Explosions

Requirements for the prevention of fire and dust explosions in manufacturing, wood shops, etc.

Electrical Safety

General concepts and principles of electrical safety. Electrical safety manuals. Safety meeting outlines. Full text of a lockout - tagout program for the control of hazardous energy.


Requirements related to building exits such as exit signs, emergency lighting, ADA accessibility, corridor clearance and other means of egress topics.


Proper use and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

Fire Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering Criteria Manual. Fire Protection Technical Library.

Fire Hazards

Guidelines on fire prevention & fire evacuation programs. Safety talks. Abstracts of fire investigation reports. Fire reporting procedures. Home fire safety. Exits and emergency lighting. Smoke detectors.

Fire Prevention

Guidelines on fire prevention & fire evacuation programs. Safety talks. Abstracts of fire investigation reports. Fire reporting procedures. Home fire safety. Exits and emergency lighting. Smoke detectors.

Fire Programs

Fire prevention programs. Fire safety talks. Safety checklists. Fire safety program tips. Fire protection program models. Standard operating procedures. Fire safety program implementation guide.

Firefighter Safety

Sample safety rules, safety programs, medical standards and other resources related to firefighter safety


Guidance on NFPA hazard guidelines related to flammable and combustible liquids and gases, spray painting, fireworks, battery charging, etc.


Fire safety requirements for hotels. USFA's listing of hotel and motels that meet fire and life safety requirements. Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act of 1990.

Life Safety

Materials focused on compliance with the Life Safety Code by industry

Lighting Safety

How to assess lighting conditions. Evaluating the need for an upgrade. Financial considerations.

OSHA Fire Safety

Very large number of technical resources related to OSHA requirements and spray operations, compressed gas, pressure vessels, welding, cutting and brazing. OSHA fire safety standards.

Railing Safety

ADA accessibility handrail and grab bar requirements. OSHA, UBC handrail specifications. Ramp railing requirements.


Disaster recovery, cleaning and restoration of smoke, soot and water-damaged valuables, furnishings, carpeting, flooring, oriental rugs, draperies, etc. Salvage manual for book collections. Priorities of preliminary safety and loss mitigation procedures after a fire. Specialized drying equipment and restorative drying techniques. Carpet cleaning and stain removal.


Photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors. How smoke detectors work. Smoke alarm facts. Smoke management in atria.


Technical papers on fire protection, suppression systems, halon substitutes, etc. Fire protection engineering. Guidance for sprinkler system maintenance and testing.

Water Damage

Follow these tips to prevent building water damage from some of the more common causes.

Window Safety

Information about the potential risks of falls from windows and their protection.

Winter Preparedness

Winter property protection precautions. Preventing falling snow from rooftops. How to prevent frozen pipes.

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