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Guidelines on fire prevention & fire evacuation programs. Safety talks. Abstracts of fire investigation reports. Fire reporting procedures. Home fire safety. Exits and emergency lighting. Smoke detectors.

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Auto Fires [10119] ?

Petroleum retailers responsibilities regarding static ignition while customers transfer gasoline

Automobile Engine Coolant-Related Fires [24607] ?

Automobile engine coolant-related fires may result from engine coolant leakage

Bonfire Safety Policy [33573] ?

The following is a checklist of safety requirements and guidelines

Building Utilities - Inspection Guidelines [22235] ?

Electrical system, heating system and plumbing system safety

Candle Fire Safety [pdf] [34864] ?

A series of safety tips

Candle Safety [19319] ?

Fact sheet provides advice on the safe use of candles

Candle Use and Safety [19350] ?

Articles on candle fire safety and safety rules

Chimney FAQ [16858] ?

What you need to know to prevent chimney fires

Updated Christmas Tree Fires [19320] ?

Fact sheet provides advice on Christmas tree safety

Cleanroom Fire Safety [24313] ?

Cleanroom Safety and Protocol

Clothes Dryer Vent Safety Tips [16860] ?

Dryer vents are causing an increasing number of fires

Commercial Cooking [26646] ?

The elemental components of fire extinguishing equipment installed in a cooking hood plenum

Commercial Cooking Safety [26647] ?

What you need to know about restaurant exhaust hoods and ventilation

Commercial Cooking Training Zones [40918] ?

Fire hazards in commercial kitchens

Commercial Drycleaning: Control of Fire Hazards [6237] ?

Commercial drycleaning fire hazard controls

Updated Commercial Kitchen Hood Extinguishing System Checklist [14580] ?

Hood and fire suppression system checklist

Dangers of Foam Insulation [26404] ?

Installation and removal pose concerns

Drycleaning: Control of Health and Safety Hazards in Commercial Drycleaners [6235] ?

NIOSH reference on health and safety in the drycleaning industry

Dryer Vent Fire Safety [pdf] [34862] ?

Covers the proper maintenance of vents for clothes dryers

Electrostatic Discharge Fundamentals [39927] ?

An online safety training presentation on ESD

Updated Fire Doors [32030] ?

The hazards of blocked fire doors and much more

Updated Fire Wall Penetrations [pdf] [32026] ?

The dangers of fire wall poke-throughs

Fireplaces [16861] ?

A basic anatomy lesson, safety information, and a list of terms

Firewood [16865] ?

How to select firewood

Gas Appliance Connectors [22207] ?

Have a professional replace any uncoated brass connectors

Updated Hidden Home Fire Hazards [16700] ?

Overlooked fire hazards in homes

Holiday Decorations Safety [18328] ?

How to reduce the risk of fire with holiday decorations

Insulation Health and Safety [4573] ?

Covers fire safety as well as health issues

Loading Dock Fires [24772] ?

Fires caused by marker lights igniting compression-style foam dock seals

Motor Vehicle Fires [pdf] [26390] ?

What you need to know

NFPA 430 Code for the Storage of Liquid and Solid Oxidizers [10467] ?

Sprinkler protection for swimming pool chemicals, etc

Open Flame Policy [33574] ?

Example of a policy that prohibits open flames except for theatrical purposes

Operating Room Fire Management [24096] ?

Advice on fire prevention in the OR

Outdoor Cooking - BBQ Fire Safety [pdf] [19463] ?

Common sense suggestions for backyard cooking and parties

Outdoor Grilling Safety [pdf] [34863] ?

A series of safety tips

Pesticide Fires - Prevention, Control and Cleanup [pdf] [36876] ?

General standards of good practice

Portable Electric Heater Fires [22206] ?

Advice on how to prevent fires from electric heaters

Updated Preventing Surgical Fires [23632] ?

Practice advisory for the prevention and management of operating room fires

Proper Venting of Gas-Fueled Appliances [16863] ?

A gas heating appliance (a furnace, boiler or hot water heater) relies on the chimney for venting

Roof Work Near Hood Exhausts [pdf] [28501] ?

Information for safely working around chemical fume hood exhausts on building roofs

Semiconductor Industry: Front Opening Unified Pod (FOUP) Fire Protection [pdf] [13325] ?

A white paper identifying some of the key issues and questions concerning the use of plastics

Smoky Fireplaces [16862] ?

How to fix

Updated Space Heater Safety [pdf] [32029] ?

Precautions for safe use of space heaters in the workplace

Upholstered Furniture Fire Safety [11614] ?

Toxicity, Fire Hazard and Upholstered Furniture

Waste Oil Furnace Safety [36042] ?

Consider the following safety precautions

Woodworking Fire Prevention [26650] ?

Prevent fire in woodworking operations

Workplace Housekeeping - General Requirements 29 CFR 1910.22 [14367] ?

OSHA's General Requirements for housekeeping (1910.22) are as follows

Workplace Housekeeping - Basic Guide [8332] ?

Elements of an effective housekeeping program

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Chemical Safety / Compressed Gas
Compressed gas cylinder safety, pressure line safety, etc.

Chemical Safety / Storing Chemicals
Guidelines for proper storage of chemicals, compatibility charts, etc.

Chemical Safety / Tank Safety
EPA requirements for above ground and below ground storage tanks

Disaster Safety / Wildfire Safety
Wildfire management and mitigation, campfire rules, etc.

Equipment Safety / Welding Safety
Bulletins, guidance on safety in welding

Fire Safety / Boilers
Boiler and pressure vessel safety materials

Fire Safety / Building Design
Building design & architectural elements related to safety, maintenance, etc

Fire Safety / Electrical Safety
Lock Out/Tag Out Programs and technical reference materials on electrical safety

Fire Safety / Extinguishers
References on portable fire extinguishers

Fire Safety / Fire Engineering
Documents on fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire protection

Fire Safety / Fire Prevention
Fire safety programs, checklists and reference materials

Fire Safety / Fire Programs
Full text fire safety programs, checklists and support materials

Fire Safety / OSHA Fire Safety
OSHA technical resources on fire safety

Fire Safety / Sprinklers
Technical resources on fire sprinklers, halon, fire protection engineering

Industry Standards / NFPA Codes
National Fire Protection Association codes

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