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Fill-in-the-blank templates. Personal use of company vehicle policies. Sample policy for alcohol use. Policy for seat belt use. Driver training policies.

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Accident Risk Assessment of Personnel [19001] ?

Point system used by the US military in evaluating a person's risk in having a vehicle accident

Avoid Lending or Leasing Church Vehicles [18331] ?

Advice for nonprofits who loan or lease their vans or buses to others

Business Use of Employee's Autos [2037] ?

An insurance perspective

Business Use of Vehicles [pdf] [23499] ?

Fleet management policies in use at a major university

CA-California State Fleet Handbook [pdf] [13152] ?

Full text of the fleet administration handbook for drivers of state-owned vehicles for CA

Central Fleet Administration Forms [23620] ?

Sample forms to be used in fleet administration

Driver Authorization and Vehicle Use [3252] ?

Full text of a vehicle program's policy for employee use of company vehicles, MVR reviews, etc.

Driver Safety and Motor Vehicle Use Policy [pdf] [2530] ?

Text of a university's policy regarding vehicle use and drivers

Driver Safety Policy [26890] ?

Example in use by a county government

Employee Use of Personal Autos [pdf] [32279] ?

General guidelines for employee business auto use

Federal Motor Vehicle Management [34680] ?

Policies and procedures followed by the USA federal government in managing motor vehicles

Fleet Management Guide [pdf] [19677] ?

A fleet management policies and procedures manual in use by a state agency

Fleet Motor Vehicle Safety Policy [pdf] [25472] ?

Prescribes policies, procedures and responsibilities for fleet administration

Fleet Policies and Procedures [3255] ?

Policies regarding employees driving pool and personal vehicles

Fleet Risk Assessment Process [pdf] [19023] ?

Example of risk quantification of potential fleet loss exposures

Fleet Safety Program Sample [pdf] [24521] ?

Example of a fleet safety program

Fleet Services Policy Manual [22991] ?

Full text of an actual manual in use

Highway Safety Program Guidelines [pdf] [33174] ?

US Department of Defense driver safety program requirements

Managing the Business Use of Personal Vehicles [pdf] [32275] ?

Employee/volunteer use of personal vehicles

Managing Your Organization's Vehicles [18330] ?

Guidelines for vehicles and drivers - focused on nonprofits

Model Fleet Safety Management Standards [pdf] [38483] ?

Example of a state's fleet management policies

Motor Vehicle Management Manual [12586] ?

Full text of the fleet safety and management program for the Federal Highway Administration

Motor Vehicle Safety Policy [22588] ?

A sample policy

Notarized Statement of Driving Record [14520] ?

Form for out-of-state/country drivers to complete

Personal Use of Business Vehicles [36041] ?

How to create a personal use policy

Policy on Driversí License and Record Checks [pdf] [38484] ?

Example of a state's fleet management policy related to MVR checks

Sample Commercial Auto Fleet Safety Policy [pdf] [40190] ?

Includes a fleet driver's commitment form

Updated Sample Fleet Safety Policy [pdf] [28994] ?

Example of a sample corporate policy related to fleet safety

Updated Sample Fleet Safety Program [pdf] [19093] ?

A suggested model program

Sample Seat Belt Policy [25007] ?

Fill-in-the blank policy statement for seat belt use

State Fleet Management Policies [15583] ?

For Missouri state agencies

State Fleet Safety Program [24719] ?

Text of a fleet safety program used by the State of South Carolina for their state agencies

State Vehicle Use and Access [11176] ?

Full text of the fleet policies for state vehicles in Oregon

Suggested Driver Selection Guidelines [24453] ?

Example of an MVR point system and general rules for driver selection and approval

US Army Driver and Operator Standardization Program [pdf] [40624] ?

Selection, training, testing, licensing

US Army Prevention of Motor Vehicle Accidents [pdf] [40625] ?

Text of the US Army manual

US DoD Traffic Safety Program [pdf] [40643] ?

Text of the US Dept of Defense manual

US Federal Fleet [doc] [14407] ?

Regulations, Executive Orders, and laws affecting the USA Federal motor vehicle fleet

VA-Virginia Office of Fleet Management Services [19671] ?

Fleet rules and regulations for state agencies in Virginia

Vehicle Driving Information [14513] ?

An example of fleet policies and procedures in use at a major university

Vehicle Incident Prevention Program [11771] ?

Parameters for drivers, MVRs, training triggers, accident review process and more

Vehicle Policy and Safety Guidelines - County Government [pdf] [36729] ?

Example of a vehicle safety policy for public entities

Vehicle Usage Procedures & Guidelines [27275] ?

Examples of forms and procedures used at a major university

Volunteer Drivers Best Practices [35760] ?

A tool kit that provides the framework for developing and maintaining volunteer driver programs

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Fleet Safety / Commercial Drivers
MVRs. FAQ for owner operators. Log books. Driver response time.

Fleet Safety / Driver Drug Testing
Guidance on DOT requirements for mandatory commercial driver drug testing

Fleet Safety / Driver Manuals
Full text of reference manuals for fleet program operations

Fleet Safety / Driver Medical Fitness
Guidelines on DOT medical exam requirements

Fleet Safety / Driver MVR
Guidance on driver selection criteria, what to look for in an MVR

Fleet Safety / Vehicle Safety Programs
Articles, topics and tips related to fleet safety programs

Insurance Loss Control / Risk Control Programs
Full text of risk management policy and procedure manuals

Safety Forms / HR Forms
Downloadable forms - medical, dental, payroll, employment, appraisals, etc.

Safety Forms / Risk Management
Library of forms used by the risk management department, sample RFPs

Safety Forms / Safety Forms
Forms used by safety departments

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