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Fact sheets about the trucking industry & trucking safety, including information on basic industry facts, safety statistics, a truck's average total stopping distance, etc. Manual on the realities and limitations of trucking. Alternative fuels.

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Bridge Formula Weights [31212] ?

Formula for the maximum weight on any axle of a motor vehicle on the interstate highway system.

Bridge Formula Weights Calculator [31213] ?

Calculate the maximum allowable weight of axles of motor vehicles on the interstate highway system.

Bridge Formula Weights Calculator [31210] ?

Compliance with the Bridge Formula weight limits is determined by using the following formula

CA-California Truck Size [33249] ?

California Vehicle Code requirements regarding truck length, overhang, width, weight and clearances

Canada: Federal Lighting Equipment Location Requirements [26535] ?

Basic equipment required on all trailers

Commercial Motor Vehicle Size and Weight Enforcement in Europe [31603] ?

Scanning study of five European countries on commercial motor vehicle size and weight enforcement.

Commercial Vehicle Size and Weight and Safety Trucker's Handbook [pdf] [32955] ?

Full text of handbook from Montana.

Comprehensive Truck Size and Weight (CTS&W) Study [14817] ?

Study regarding the highly controversial and multifaceted truck size and weight (TS&W) issue

CT-Connecticut Semi-Trailer Length [33259] ?

The maximum legal length of the semi-trailer portion of a tractor-trailer combination by state law

DOT Compliance - Truck-Mounted Auxiliary Fuel Tanks [39980] ?

Federal regulations regarding truck-mounted auxiliary fuel tanks

DOT Compliance Answers [39979] ?

Answers to common questions

Driver's Handbook on Cargo Securement [26214] ?

This Handbook is based on the North American Cargo Securement Standard

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - Trucking [35812] ?

How to comply with FMCSA safety regulations

Flatbed Tarping Practices [pdf] [31781] ?

A checklist for truck drivers when using tarps

FMCSA Insurance Requirements [35817] ?

Insurance policies or surety bonds sufficient to satisfy the minimum public liability requirements

FMCSA Resources for Carrier Companies [35807] ?

Federal safety requirements and more

FMCSA Standards for Truck Drivers [23895] ?

Resources for truck drivers on federal requirements

Large Trucks Q&A and Fatality Facts [650] ?

Information regarding the safety of large trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds

Law Enforcement Escort Best Practices Guidelines [31217] ?

Guidelines for law enforcement escorts to standardize the safe movement of permitted oversize/overweight loads.

Load Securement [pdf] [40418] ?

Guidance from the State Police of Maine

Longer Combination Vehicle Safety Data Collection [pdf] [19494] ?

Trucks that pull several trailers, known as

Mexican Motor Carriers Operating in the USA [35809] ?

US DOT resources, information, and applications to assist you in operating safely in the U.S.

MN-Minnesota Statewide Commercial Vehicle Weight Enforcement Strategic Plan [pdf] [31079] ?

Plan to help improve compliance with truck weight regulations.

Motor Transport [14088] ?

Guidelines for local haul, line-haul, terminal clearance, and terminal transfer operations

NIOSH Trucking Safety [40734] ?

Results of NIOSH studies related to trucking safety hazards

Pilot Car Escort Best Practices Guidelines [31218] ?

Guidelines for pilot car escorts to standardize the safe movement of permitted oversize/overweight loads.

Regulation of Weights, Lengths, and Widths of Commercial Motor Vehicles [31219] ?

Report explains regulatory options and mitigation in regards to truck weight and size.

State Weight Violation Facts and Figures [31220] ?

Table shows the number of trucks cited or issued civil assessments by the States for violation of weight laws.

Title 23 CFR 657: Certification of Size and Weight [31215] ?

US Federal regulation on certification of size and weight enforcement.

Title 23 CFR 658: Truck Size, Weight Limitations [31214] ?

US Federal regulation on truck size, weight and route designations.

Tractor and Trailer Reflective Tape Requirements [26536] ?

Lighting, conspicuity requirements for trucks in the USA

Truck Equipment Glossary [18617] ?

Definition of truck equipment terms

Truck Size and Weight [31211] ?

Guidance to interpret Federal regulations on weight limits and size requirements on the interstate system.

UK: Safety of Loads on Vehicles [pdf] [32278] ?

The dangers of overloading

Where to get Trucking Permits [14541] ?

Addresses, phone numbers for each of the 50 states

Where to Obtain Truck Permits [11653] ?

Addresses and phone numbers for each of the 50 states

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Chemical Safety / Tank Safety
EPA requirements for above ground and below ground storage tanks

Fleet Safety / Commercial Drivers
MVRs. FAQ for owner operators. Log books. Driver response time.

Fleet Safety / CSA
US DOT FMCSA Compliance, Safety Accountability (CSA) requirements

Fleet Safety / Driver Drug Testing
Guidance on DOT requirements for mandatory commercial driver drug testing

Fleet Safety / Driver Fatigue
The effects of fatigue on drivers

Fleet Safety / Driver Medical Fitness
Guidelines on DOT medical exam requirements

Fleet Safety / Driver MVR
Guidance on driver selection criteria, what to look for in an MVR

Fleet Safety / Trailer Safety
Trailer conspicuity and other requirements

Fleet Safety / Vehicle Accidents
Accident investigation & reconstruction, preventability, trailer underride, etc.

Fleet Safety / Vehicle Inspections
Procedures for inspecting trucks, buses, cargo tanks, etc. Pre-trip inspections.

Fleet Safety / Vehicle Maintenance
Guidance & checklists for vehicle preventive maintenance procedures

Fleet Safety / Vehicle Safety Programs
Articles, topics and tips related to fleet safety programs

Insurance Loss Control / Cargo Insurance
Transit cargo risk management and audit techniques

Safety Training / Fleet Training
Study guide for student drivers, driving tests, model curriculum

Statistics / Highway Safety Data
Statistics on highway safety, fatalities, blood alcohol levels, DUI costs, etc.

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