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Commercial Drivers License information and resources.

MA - Massachusetts CDL Permit & License Information [33033] ?

Detailed information on testing and endorsements for CDLs in Massachusetts.

Driver MVR

Guidance on driver selection criteria, what to look for in an MVR

Driver Evaluation Program [pdf] [22393] ?

Guidance for the evaluation of MVRs

Fleet Policies

Sample fleet-related company policies - vehicle use, drivers, seat belts, etc.

Motor Vehicle Safety Policy [22588] ?

A sample policy

Volunteer Drivers Best Practices [pdf] [35760] ?

A tool kit that provides the framework for developing and maintaining volunteer driver programs

Hazmat Transport

DOT hazardous materials regulations, guides & reference materials

Federal Hazmat Law: Guidance [32818] ?

About the US federal government Hazardous Materials Transportation Act

Performance-Oriented Packaging Standard [3131] ?

Fact sheet outlines DOT hazardous materials packaging requirements

Transportation & Disposal of Hazardous Materials [pdf] [18852] ?

Specs manual related to hazardous materials

US DOT Hazmat Training Requirements [1468] ?

Answers commonly asked questions about DOT hazmat training requirements

Road Conditions

Access to state 511 traveler information on road and traffic conditions.

Honolulu Traffic Conditions [32380] ?

Traffic advisories for Honolulu, Hawaii.

Truck Routes

State highway truck maps, designated truck routes, restricted routes

AR-Arkansas State Road Weight Restrictions Map [33256] ?

Maximum or posted weight limits are subject to change without notice

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