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GCat: Industry Safety
MCat: Food Safety

Management and safety resources for the food and beverage industry, including restaurant/kitchen safety, bakeries foodborne illness prevention, HACCP and more

Food Codes

Text of the FDA Food Codes and text of state versions of the FDA Food Code

Food Inspections

FDA inspection guides and manuals for specific food industries.

Food Safety

Food safety publications. Food labeling. Food poisoning. Food irradiaiton. Produce. Milk safety. Seafood safety. Consumer fact sheets related to produce food safety. Retail food protection. Online course for understanding food laws and regulations in the USA.

Food Security

Biosecurity, food transport security, anti-terrorism measures for agricultural security and other food security purposes

Foodborne Illness

Answers to common food safety questions. Summaries, symptoms, mode of transmission and controls for common foodborne illnesses. Food poisoning. Guide on safe food handling policies for employees. Safety and quality issues of interest to the foodservice industry. Food allergies.


Full text of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point(HACCP)generic models and plans, training resources, etc.

Meat Processing

Meat and poultry processing safety hazards and ergonomic controls. Food defense plan guidelines to enhance food security measures.


Safety meeting outlines, safety talks for food service operations. Kitchen and cafeteria safety checklist. Legal bulletins.

State Agencies

State environmental health agencies that regulate food safety

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