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Actuarial Insurance

Actuarial reports, tools, guidance for risk managers

Aggregation of Correlated Risk Portfolios: Models & Algorithms [pdf] [6314] ?

CAS report presents a set of tools for modeling and combining correlated risks

Property-Casualty Insurance Pricing [pdf] [39834] ?

Actuarial considerations - cash flow, rate of return, profitability

Alternative Risk

Alternative risk and captive reference materials

Captives - Business and Tax Implications [8110] ?

Reviews the most common business reasons for forming a captive and examines the various types of captives

Reviewing Your Captive's Performance [38737] ?

There are many reasons a risk manager might want to obtain an annual, third party opinion of his captive

Self Procurement Taxes [36866] ?

By state

Auto Liability

Insurance guides related to auto insurance

Insuring Self Driving Cars [35823] ?

Insurance issues

No-Fault Auto Insurance Issues [24663] ?

Includes a review of state auto laws on the subject

Business Interruption

Contingency planning and business interruption materials

Business Interruption Claim Tips [14611] ?

Adjusters need to consider several elements of business income loss

Business Interruption Risk and Its Relationship With the Global Economy [40022] ?

The necessity of anticipating changing conditions in the global economy has also become more imperative in recent years

Supply Chain Risks [40101] ?

Catastrophes Issue Wake Up Call on Supply Chain Risks


Insurance claims data related to natural catastrophic occurrences in the USA

Catastrophe Management [36806] ?

Severe weather in North America

Financial Institutions Risk After a Disaster [40226] ?

What are the immediate steps required by financial institutions in response to natural disasters

Nonprofits and Catastrophic Loss Recovery [pdf] [39830] ?

Risk Management and Crisis Response Planning

Claims Management

Bad faith, structured settlements, large losses, etc.

Loss Reserves [pdf] [31649] ?

Considerations in setting loss reserves

Company Communications

Press releases, investor relations, financials from insurers and reinsurers

Munich Re Investor Relations & Press [20836] ?

Press releases and financial highlights from Munich Re

SCOR Group Investor Relations [20961] ?

Business profile of this global insurer

The Hartford Investor Relations [20809] ?

Annual report, financial information about the Hartford

Construction Insurance

Risk management and insurance related issues in the construction industry

Builders Risk: A Tangled Web [38738] ?

Coverage varies by contract, may apply to non-builders, and is often litigated

Construction Defect Lawsuits [13454] ?

Successful resolution through insurance

Construction Defect Litigation [12086] ?

Construction defect claims - what you should do

Contract Guide for Design Professionals [6651] ?

A resource on contracts, sample clauses and contract management

Contract Management [9484] ?

Contract management is key to protecting yourself against unexpected liability

Protecting General Contractors from Future Conversion Claims [14617] ?

A guide on conversion claims and how general contractors can minimize exposure to future claims

The Subcontractor Exception [10601] ?

Subcontractors and the “your work” exclusion

Coverage Issues

Commercial P&C insurance coverage issues

Tips in Evaluating Coverage for Construction Defect Claims [16005] ?

Whether CGL insurance covers property damage arising from construction defects remains a hotly-contested issue

Directors Insurance

Directors & Officers coverage and loss prevention

Bankruptcy and the Insured versus Insured Exclusion [8108] ?

Insured versus insured exclusion in D&O policies/claims by a trustee, etc of a company in bankruptcy

Cyber Risk Questions for Directors [29099] ?

A new focus for directors

D&O Liability [32591] ?

Articles on the subject

Environmental Risk

Risk management resources related to environmental issues & coverages

Construction Environmental Best Practices [19218] ?

Fundamental considerations to be undertaken when dealing with various aspects of project specific environmental exposure

Defective Drywall [36865] ?

What homeowners should do

Environmental Claims - What Can Go Wrong [19226] ?

Various environmental risks and their potential physical and monetary damages

Managing Unexpected Costs and Coverage Pitfalls of Environmental Exposures [40021] ?

Strategies that can help companies avoid the financial hazards of escalating environmental liabilities

Mold and Home Owners Insurance [22486] ?

Whether mold is covered by home owners insurance often comes down to the source of moisture and the wording of a policy

Molds and Your Home [24944] ?

What you need to know

Pollution Exclusion in the CGL [pdf] [31655] ?

Issues in coverage litigation

What the Heck is an Ensuing Loss? [31656] ?

In first party property insurance contracts, the ensuing loss concept comes into play when the initial loss is excluded


Enterprise Risk Management resources

Enterprise Risk Management - Overview [pdf] [35414] ?

Practical considerations in implementing an ERM

Hold Harmless

Hold harmless agreements

Waivers of Subrogation [36945] ?

What they are in insurance

Insurance Trends

Trends in insurance and risk management

Insurance Industry Trends [14618] ?

Research and trends news

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Insurance Industry [pdf] [31641] ?

Mergers and acquisitions have positive valuation effects on acquiring firms

Liability Insurance

Real estate liability, slip & fall exposures, non-profts, volunteers, , etc.

Commercial Umbrellas [14627] ?

What you need to understand

The Contractual Liability Exclusion [31679] ?

It is possible for the exclusion to apply to other types of contracts or agreements than hold harmless and indemnity

Managing Risk

Concepts, issues, principles, and theories of risk management

Basics: Risk Management [pdf] [38742] ?

An introduction to risk management for business executives


Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP), construction wrap up materials

Wrap-Ups and Agent E&O Exposures [40102] ?

Insight into some of the issues to consider when dealing with a wrap-up

P-C Insurance

Commercial property and casualty insurance industry issues

Reading and Analyzing Insurance Ratios [39858] ?

Pertinent information to analyze an insurance company's financial statements

Product Liability

Insurance articles, legal resources related to product liability

How to get the most out of Product Recall Insurance [19217] ?

Policyholders should be aware of certain issues both at point of sale and at point of claim

Product Manual Fundamentals [22087] ?

Some central issues to look for when reviewing a manual

Property Insurance

Property insurance and risk management

Equipment Loss Prevention [6448] ?

Logs, checklists, severe weather, etc

Property Ratemaking [pdf] [17346] ?

The basics

Property Valuation Basics [31650] ?

For property insurance policies

Rating Agencies

Rating bureaus' insurance carrier ratings

TheStreet Ratings [12412] ?

Issues financial safety ratings on life, health and annuity, P&C insurance companies (fees)


Resources related to property casualty reinsurance

Bordereau Defined [40083] ?

A detailed report of reinsurance premiums or reinsurance losses furnished by the reinsured

Follow-the-Fortunes Defined [40084] ?

A doctrine in reinsurance that exemplifies the unique business partnership between the reinsured and reinsurer

Risk Management Dept

Home pages of risk management departments

VA-Virginia Division of Risk Management [21895] ?

Home page for the state's risk management department


Information on risk management information systems (RMIS)

Bundled vs Unbundled RMIS [14608] ?

Pros and cons of bundled and unbundled RMIS systems


Information on surety bonds

Basic Underwriting Considerations for Contract Surety Bonds [14634] ?

Bond underwriters talk about the “Four C’s”

Surety Overview [8111] ?

Surety is not written the same as insurance

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