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ASN: French Nuclear Safety Authority [25836] ?

Responsible for nuclear safety in France

Updated France - Legal Research [8765] ?

Links to official government websites and information about the country of France

France Laws - English Translations [36220] ?

Translations of French legal texts

France Legislation [36219] ?

Current codes, statutes, and regulations

France: In Brief [4935] ?

Provides an overview of France and information about its government

French Law Guide [30071] ?

Explains the French Labor Code and employment laws

French Ministry of Labour [36222] ?

Labor relations in France are governed by labor laws (Code du Travail)

French Ministry of Transportation [28023] ?

Ministry for infrastructure, transport, spatial planning, tourism and the sea

Labor Law Guide to France - 2005 Supplement [doc] [30072] ?

Explains the French Labor Code and employment laws

Ministry of the Environment - France [14321] ?

Responsible for environmental laws & regulations in France

OHS: INRS National Research and Safety Institute [4364] ?

Conducts study and research programmes to improve the health and safety of workers

Standards: AFNOR - France [4602] ?

Source for NF certification of products and services in France

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