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Governments, organizations & their entities with databases, information and legislation published in English. Environment, health, labor, safety, etc. Publications.

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BfS: Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Germany [25841] ?

Responsible for radiation safety in Germany

Federal Environmental Agency - Germany [4934] ?

Provides the scientific basis for federal environmental policy for Germany

Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing (BMVBW) [12458] ?

Responsible for drivers licenses, sea port policy, federal building code in Germany (in German)

Federal Statistical Office Germany [10383] ?

Provider of official statistics for Germany

German Federal Environmental Ministry [4426] ?

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety

German Insurance Association [12462] ?

Insurance bureau for Germany

German Statutes in English [16384] ?

English translations of selected German Statutes

Germany - Legal Research [8766] ?

Links to official government websites and information about the country of Germany

Germany Government Ministries and Offices [10345] ?

Links to federal government offices in Germany

Insurance Contract Act 2008 - Germany [37359] ?

Text of the law

Insurance: Central Federation of Public Sector Accident Insurers [3712] ?

Comprises the local and federal statutory accident insurance executives

OHS: Federal Association for Occupational Safety and Health - Germany [4393] ?

German institutions dealing with occupational safety and health

OHS: German Occupational Safety and Health Act Regulations [40930] ?

Text of selected laws and regulations related to workplace safety

OHS: Germany Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health [13970] ?

Research on health and safety at work

OHS: Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - Germany [14704] ?

Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA)

Standards: German Institute for Standardization [4603] ?

Source to obtain Germany's DIN Standards via online catalogue

Statutes/Ordinances - Germany [37360] ?

Text of federal laws

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