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GCat: Information Technology
MCat: Internet
Cat: Web Programming

Descriptions, scripts, examples and tutorials of various web programming techniques.

27 Resources
Developer Shed [10263] ?

Provides descriptions, examples and tutorials of various web programming techniques

HotScripts [15700] ?

Catalogues the most popular web page programming scripts

HR Open Standards [21057] ?

Open data exchange XML standards for human resources

HTML Goodies [773] ?

Of interest to web developers

HTML Tags Chart [23561] ?

This list of tags is alphabetical by the tag code

HTTP Status Code Definitions [22062] ?

A list of the error codes that can be received such as 401 - not found

JavaScript Basics [13662] ?

Tutorial on JavaScript

JavaScript Source [20713] ?

Resource to obtain java script programs

Matt's Script Archive [10300] ?

Offers CGI scripts

P3P Company Policy Guide [12129] ?

How to Create and Publish Your Company's P3P Policy in 6 Easy Steps

P3P FAQ [5886] ?

Privacy on the Web FAQ

P3P Implementations [13686] ?

Examples and links to implementations of the P3P specification

P3P Specifications [11757] ?

The W3C's official P3P specification

P3P Validator [14377] ?

Checks if the web site is compliant with P3P

P3P: Platform for Privacy Preferences [17414] ?

Papers, presentations, critiques - web site privacy policies

Perl [15697] ?

Download Perl source code - Perl reference sources

Perl Documentation [17058] ?

In-depth essays on various Perl topics

Perl: Introduction to Perl Programming [17059] ?

Beginners Intro Series

PHP [15703] ?

Official website for PHP information

PICS: Platform for Internet Content Selection [17411] ?

PICS specification enables labels (metadata) to be associated with Internet content

RDF: Resource Description Framework [17412] ?

Integrates a variety of web-based metadata activities using XML as an interchange syntax

RSS Tutorial [26436] ?

A brief technical overview of RSS

The CGI Resource Index [10262] ?

Thousands of cgi programs and scripts covering hundreds of categories (Perl, Tcl, C, C++)

Web Developer [15701] ?

Resources for web developers

XHTML [17413] ?

The first major change to HTML since HTML 4.0 was released in 1997

XML [15699] ?

How to use XML

XML Schema [18449] ?

W3C architecture for XML

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Internet / Web Design
Technical support materials for webmasters and web page authoring

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