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Reference materials for analyzing the physical demands of job requirements

16 Resources
ADA Physical Demands Documentation Check Off List [pdf] [36111] ?

Documenting physical demands in a job description

Essential Job Functions and Requirements Form [36128] ?

To assist with analyzing job physical requirements

Exposure to Health Risks - Physical Demands Form [pdf] [36118] ?

A sample form used by a major university

Job Description Physical Demand Limits - School [pdf] [36117] ?

A sample chart used by a school district for physical demands by job types

Maritime Functional Job Descriptions - Deckhand, Tankerman, Wheelhouse [36122] ?

Includes minimum physical demand requirements for safe job performance

Physical Demand Analysis Handbook [24307] ?

65 page handbook outlines 7 steps in performing a PDA

Physical Demands Analysis Handbook [pdf] [36112] ?

Guidelines to implementing and performing job physical demands analysis

Physical Demands Assessment Form [pdf] [25106] ?

Form used to evaluate the physical demands of workplace tasks(pdf)

Physical Demands Job Analysis Form [doc] [36124] ?

A sample form

Updated Physical Demands Worksheet [39994] ?

For analyzing physical demands of jobs

Physical Job Analysis - Work Demands [35956] ?

A form to record physical demands of work posture requirements

Physical Job Stress Ratings [27450] ?

Method that can be used to assess presence and magnitude of the most commonly cited work related factors

Physical/Environmental/Mental Demands Form [36126] ?

To assist with recognizing any accommodations that may be necessary as the result of the ADA

Sample Physical Demands Job Analysis Form [36114] ?

Used by vocational rehabilitation counselors (VRCs) to document the physical demands of jobs

Sample Physical Demands Requirements Form [pdf] [36115] ?

Used for group LTD claims

Writing ADA Compliant Job Descriptions [pdf] [36123] ?

Steps to assist

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