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GCat: Industry Safety
MCat: Laboratory Safety

Safety hazards and controls for laboratories, model chemical hygiene plans, spill controls, hazardous material SOPs, disposal of chemicals


Procedures to follow when designing activating, moving or closing laboratories

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Sample CHP Chemical Hygiene Plans, guidance on creating a CHP for laboratory safety

Fume Hoods

Fume hood safety, maintenance, ventilation requirements for chemical fume removal.

Lab Biosafety

Laboratory-specific biosafety hazards and controls

Lab Checklists

Safety inspection checklists, audit forms and procedures designed for laboratory safety

Lab Ergonomics

Laboratory ergonomic hazards, controls and training. How to prevent laboratory ergonomic injuries.

Lab Hazards

Laboratory safety programs and manuals, Chemical Hygiene Plans, radiation safety guidelines, laboratory inspections. Laboratory waste minimization and pollution prevention. Safety in high school labs. Laboratory safety checklists. Spill response. Standard operating procedures for hazardous materials.

Lab Safety Manuals

Sample laboratory safety manuals including CHP, biosafety, SOPs for handling hazardous chemicals, spills and wastes.

Lab Training

Tutorials and training materials related to laboratory safety

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