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GCat: Hazards & Controls
MCat: Physical Hazards

Slips, trips and falls, noise control, vibration hazards, violence in the workplace, heat stress, etc.

Cold Stress

Prevention of cold stress, wind chill factors, human thermal comfort requirements

Hearing Conservation

Full text of hearing conservation program. Materials on acoustics. Noise attentuation. Noise basics. Technical material from NIOSH. Hearing protection devices. Noise induced hearing loss.

Heat Stress

Adaptive Model of Thermal Comfort. Wind chill chart. Heat stress. Extreme cold.

OSHA Noise

OSHA technical resources for compliance with noise standards.

OSHA Violence

Technical resources to comply with OSHA standards on workplace violence.

Slips and Falls

Safety bulletins on slips and falls. Technical information on the control of hazards from walking and working surfaces. Safety checklists.

Thermal Comfort

Thermal stress, thermal comfort guidelines, TLV's for heat and cold exposure,

Vibration Hazards

Hand / arm and whole body vibration. Symptoms of vibration white finger. Hand tool design considerations to control vibrations.

Violence in Workplace

Guidelines for prevention of workplace violence, risk factors and strategies to manage violence in the workplace. Workplace homicides. Violence in convenience store robberies. Healthcare industry violence. How domestic violence affects the workplace.

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