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GCat: Training
MCat: Professional Development

Leadership skills, presentation skills, ethics, safety discussion groups, safety certification requirements

Discussion Groups

Discussion groups, forums, newsgroups, message boards and e-mail group lists.


Corporate code of ethics examples, voluntary business codes, business values and morals, guide to ethical decision making.

Leadership Skills

Lessons on leadership, such as: Time management. Negotiating styles. Leadership development. People management. Quotes from famous leaders.

Performance Measurement

How to get superior business performance and how to measure it. Analyzing gaps to prioritize plans for improvement. How CFOs determine which value based performance metric is best for their companies.

Presentation Skills

Effective presentations guidance. Tips for developing and delivering presentations. Advice on the use of visuals and overheads.

Safety Certification

Professional designations and certification materials for ergonomics, safety, industrial hygiene, etc.

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