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GCat: Hazards & Controls
MCat: Radiation Safety

Radiation safety materials related to EMF, radon, lasers, medical use, workplace uses, etc.

EMF Hazards

Electromagnetic field radiation hazards (EMF). Cellular phones. Power lines. VDTs. EMF measurements database. Swedish EMF standards. Fact sheets on electric and magnetic fields in the workplace.

Environmental Radiation

Radiation dose and risk modeling. Full text of MARSSIM - Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual - used for evaluating requirements with federal radiation regulations. NRC tutorial on radiation. Radioactive waste disposal. Database of EPA toxicity values for radionuclides. How nuclear radiation works. Radiological Emergency Management.

Laser Safety

Laser safety hazards and controls, manuals, training guides, laser safety programs and more

Medical Radiation

Emphasis on safety & health references for the nuclear medicine department.

OSHA Radiation

Technical resources related to ionizing radiation hazards, radiofrequency radiation and lasers.

Radiation Disasters

Nuclear power plant emergency advice on radiation exposure from nuclear power plants. What to do before, during and after an adverse radiological event.


Technical resources related to the hazards of radon and mitigation strategies. Engineering instructions for indoor radon prevention. Hotlines, answers to common questions, state radon contacts, etc. Ionizing radiation protection. Predicted median annual-average living-area concentration, by county. EPA radon mitigation standards.

Workplace Radiation

Resources. Technical reference manuals. Fact sheets. Control of radioactive materials. Radiation safety policies, procedures & manuals. Worker safety training modules & study guides. Full text of radiation safety programs. Guidelines on radioactive material identification, storage, control, transportation, etc. Safety concerns from medical radiology procedures. User guides for workers using equipment that deal with radiation.

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