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GCat: Industry Safety
MCat: Recreation Safety

Safety materials & state laws related to carnivals, amusement ride safety, theme parks, etc.

Art Safety

Safety in the arts, arts and crafts safety, theater safety, entertainment industry safety, art hazards, perfoming art safety. Student Theater Operations Manual.


Safety guidelines, rules of the road, state laws for bicycles, mopeds, electric bikes, scooters. Information on bicycle helmets.

Carnival Safety

Safety tips and analysis of hazards related to amusement rides and devices

Fireworks Safety

Safety tips for consumers related to the use of fireworks. Information about state and federal law requirements in the USA related to the use of fireworks. Glossary of fireworks terms. Tips for safety in public fireworks displays.

Outdoor Recreation

Safety materials related to outdoor recreational activities such as camping, hiking, winter sports, horseback riding, hunting, skateboarding, off-road vehicles, inline skating, sport rocketry, water skiing

Playground Safety

Play area inspection and maintenance program. Large number of documents, handbooks, checklists, etc. on playground and sports safety.

Recreational Facilities

Safety and accessibility guidance for indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, locker rooms, bleachers, stadiums, arenas, steam rooms, sports clubs, etc

Ride Safety Laws

Access to state agencies and their laws and regulations related to amusement devices and carnival ride safety

Sports Safety

Safety resources related to sports and sporting events including youth sports and sports injury prevention.

Swimming Safety

Child drowning prevention. Pool safety rules. Guidelines on pool and spa water chemistry and maintenance. Safety tips. Cryptosporidiosis.

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