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GCat: Hazards & Controls
MCat: Respiratory Safety

OSHA respiratory protection programs, confined space program, air sampling, IAQ materials, mold hazards, ventilation controls

Confined Space Program

Full text of a technical resource manual on confined space entry and a confined space safety program. Permit-required and nonpermit space requirements.

Dust Inhalation

Resources on respirable dust health exposures, controls, illness and treatment. Examples of dusts: silica, wood dust, coal dust, washed cotton. Includes info on histoplasmosis, hantavirus, ODTS, pneumoconiosis, etc. Bird and bat excrement exposures.

Fiber Hazards

Health and safety research related to building insulation fibers such as fiberglass, rock and slag wool.

Indoor Air Quality

General concepts & principles of indoor air quality. Research studies. Common indoor pollutants, sick building syndrome, etc. Indoor radon prevention. Fact sheets. Office occupant's guide to IAQ. Ozone generators. Building air quality guide. Guidelines on how to conduct an indoor air quality investigation and report. Common plants reducing indoor air pollution. Legionnaires' disease.

Mold Hazards

Investigating, Evaluating & Remediating Moisture & Mold Problems. Solutions for mold problems resulting from flooding, water damage, etc. Indoor air quality problems from molds and their prevention and remediation.

Occup Resp Disease

NIOSH respiratory questionnaires. Occupational asthma prevention. Air sampling, epidemiology, pulmonary function testing, etc.

OSHA Air Toxics

Numerous resources on OSHA safety requirements for chemicals such as air contaminants, ammonia, asbestos, lead, silica, solvents, etc. Pressure vessel safety materials.

OSHA Confined Space

Directives, standards and materials related to confined spaces.

OSHA Respirators

Guidance materials for assisting with compliance to new respirator standard.

OSHA Sampling

OSHA technical reference materials for industrial hygienists regarding sampling and analytical methods.

OSHA Ventilation

Technical resources on ventilation, indoor air quality, diesel exhaust, etc.

Respiratory Protection

Full text of Respiratory Protection Programs. Information on respirators and respirator programs. Selection and use of particulate respirators. Qualitative fit testing.


Industrial Hygiene Sampling Guide. NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM). Occupational Exposure Sampling Strategy Manual.

Ventilation Safety

Dilution and local exhaust ventilation for toxic or flammable gases. Fume removal. Control of smoke from medical laser procedures. Nitrous oxide administration exposure and control. HVAC design for dental and medical facilities. Fume hood safety program.

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