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GCat: Safety Management
MCat: Safety Forms

Safety hazards inspection checklists, safety program audit forms, safety posters, symptom survey forms, WC forms, human resources forms, disaster checklists, ergonomics checklists, RFPs, etc.

Disaster Checklists

Bomb threat checklists, emergency action plan checklists, emergency preparedness and response checklists, auto survival kit checklist, family disaster plan checklist, emergency equipment checklist, hurricane checklist, flood checklist

Ergonomics Checklists

Ergonomics checklists include those related to computer workstations, physical exertion, risk factor identification, lifting analysis, manual handling, upper extremities, etc. Risk Factor & Design Control checklists. Administrative task checklists. Worksite analysis sample checklists. VDT checklist.

Fire Checklists

Fire safety inspection checklists. Fire protection and suppression checklists.

HR Forms

Downloadable forms, including benefits, payroll, employee complaints, time records, performance appraisals, family & medical leave, recruitment checklist, training forms & more

HR Posters

USA federal and state employment posting requirements.

Inspection Forms

Full text of self-inspection checklists for general industry and construction. Series of safety checklists for physical hazards, equipment, etc. Sample yes/no workplace safety checklists.

OSHA Forms

Download OSHA logs and forms for workplace injury recordkeeping requirements, complaints

OSHA Posters

US OSHA and state OSHA posters - most downloadable - some in Spanish, a few in other foreign languages


Full text of sample Requests for Proposals for various industries. Guides and how-to's on writing and responding to RFP's.

Risk Management

Various insurance, liability, WC forms. ACORD forms. Sample RFPs. Transfer of risk clauses for contracts.

Safety Audits

Safety program audits. Program self-assessments. Self-audits. Self-evaluation guidance.

Safety Forms

JSA, accident reports, safety training forms, safety permits, safety checklists, safety worksheets, OSHA forms, afety inspection forms, safety report forms, etc.

Safety Graphics

Environmental health and safety clip art, graphics, posters and photographs that may be downloaded.

Safety Posters

Safety and health posters and signs that may be downloaded

Warning Signs

OSHA and ANSI requirements for safety signs. ANSI pipe marking standards. Requirements for marking workplace hazards.

WC Forms

Obtain access to workers compensation forms for those states who provide them on their websites. The majority can be downloaded.

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