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Safety program audits. Program self-assessments. Self-audits. Self-evaluation guidance.

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A Health and Safety Management Index [25776] ?

Developed for use by business to increase incentives for senior managers to manage safety and health

AK-Alaska OSH Managers Handbook Audit Checklist [15949] ?

Step-by-step guidance in developing a safety program - includes program audit checklist

Assessing Safety and Health Management Programs [pdf] [23112] ?

Self-management self-assessment

Attributes of Excellence of a Safety and Health Program [pdf] [3451] ?

Audit provides guidance on what to look for when analyzing a workplace safety program

CA-California Safety Program Self Audit [27043] ?

A form to compare your existing safety program to minimum required elements

Contractor Safety Audit [pdf] [30213] ?

A program audit for construction contractors

Effective Workplace Inspections [8368] ?

Workplace inspection reports and requirements

EH&S Inspection Management System [18361] ?

How to check for safety compliance

Hazard Identification and Control [3205] ?

Online tutorial on workplace hazard analysis and control

IIPP Checklist [doc] [36734] ?

Used to audit a California Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Independent Oversight [11451] ?

Verifies the effectiveness, efficiency and adequacy of Self-Assessment Programs

LA-Louisiana Risk Management Audit Checklists [15573] ?

Audits: water vessel safety, flight operations safety, driver safety, general safety, bonds & crime

Loss Control Program Audit Checklist [35940] ?

A sample program audit checklist used by a state to evaluate their state agency loss control programs

MNSTAR Self-Assessment [24997] ?

Process used to determine eligibility for safety and health program recognition by the State of Minnesota

NIOSH Guidelines for Evaluation of Hospital Occupational Health & Safety Program [pdf] [6219] ?

Audit for what an effective hospital occupational health program should provide

Occupational Health & Safety Auditing [23801] ?

Information on assessing Health and Safety risks

OHSAS 18001 Overview [25352] ?

Voluntary standard established to provide an international management system for health and safety

Onsite Assistance Review Audit [pdf] [17390] ?

Basic program review criteria for safety, health & environmental management programs

Onsite Review [pdf] [11475] ?

Information on onsite document review by IOSHA for VPP

Ontario Canada: Workwell Core Health and Safety Audit [pdf] [25105] ?

A manual of instructions on how to conduct a point-assessed safety program audit

OSHA Industry Checklists [25029] ?

Compliance checklists for general industry, construction and fire departments

Post-Storm Healthcare Facilities Checklist [459] ?

Checklist for Infection Control Concerns When Reopening Healthcare Facilities Closed Due to Extensive Storm Damage

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Safety Audit [pdf] [9476] ?

Designed to assist with OSHA compliance

Program Evaluation Profile Worksheet [25030] ?

Example of a general industry safety program evaluation scoring tool

Risk Assessment Codes [pdf] [29027] ?

Assesses risk hazards on a numerical scale

SAFETI Audit Checklist [12607] ?

Issues that an institution can use as a guide to look at their study abroad policies and procedures

Safety & Health Program Self-Assessment Checklist [25027] ?

For worksite safety program assessment purposes

Safety and Health Management Program Assessment Worksheet [pdf] [25031] ?

Scoring worksheet for evaluating a worksite safety program

Safety and Health Program Assessment Worksheet [17435] ?

OSHA guidance provides interactive audit worksheet to assist in safety and health program audit

Safety and Health Program Audit Checklist [pdf] [23110] ?

For workplace safety and health programs

Safety and Health Program Audits and Reviews [452] ?

A Total Quality Management Approach

Safety and Health Program Checklist [26551] ?

Analyze how your safety and health program measures up

Safety and Health Program Evaluation [35574] ?

An audit form for health and safety plan review

Safety and Loss Control Forms [4927] ?

Series of safety audit checklists designed primarily for schools

Safety and Occupational Health Program Evaluation Tool [doc] [39587] ?

A sample form used to audit and evaluate a workplace safety program - a numeric ranking system

Safety and Occupational Health Program Evaluation Tool - Guide [doc] [39588] ?

A handbook guide for the audit tool

Safety and Occupational Health Program Management Evaluation [pdf] [6459] ?

Self-audit of safety program with points awarded for each audit item

Safety Dashboard [40800] ?

A comprehensive safety program self-audit

Safety Management Evaluation Audit [pdf] [28993] ?

Format for evaluating a company's safety program using a point system

Safety Policy and Procedure Manual Checklist [pdf] [30243] ?

Use this to audit your safety program manual

Safety Program Audit Checklist [pdf] [38840] ?

Also includes safety committee self-evaluation materials

Safety Program Evaluation Checklist [16638] ?

Safety program audit checklist used by Cal/OSHA for VPP

Sample Safety Program Compliance Checklist [15601] ?

A safety and health program audit form

School Safety Audit Protocol [19091] ?

A best practices audit process for school safety

Self-Assessment for Safety & Health Programs [23932] ?

VPP program requirements

Self-Inspection Program Guide [7797] ?

Guidance on how to establish a safety self-inspection program

Updated TN-Tennessee OSHA STAR Eligibility [20676] ?

Tennessee OSHA's checklist on employer safety program requirements

UK - A Guide to Measuring Health and Safety Performance [pdf] [13091] ?

United Kingdom reference document

Voluntary Protection Program Inspection Modules [24903] ?

In use by the US Dept of Energy

VPP Self-Assessment Checklist [pdf] [11474] ?

Safety management program audit

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