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Explanations of OSHA requirements regarding employee safety training. Training resources. Online safety training modules. Curriculum modules. Download instructor and supervisor safety training guides. Series of web-based employee safety training courses with online tests. Lecture modules with all the material necessary to make safety presentations to business managers.

66 Resources
Accident Preparation & Response Tutorial [26246] ?

Online employee training for work-related accidents at the workplace or when driving

Annual OSHA Safety Training Requirements [28746] ?

A list of OSHA required annual training

Basic Safety Training Modules [36296] ?

Cover a wide variety of workplace safety topics

Common Industrial Health & Safety Training Requirements [22516] ?

Training recommendations and requirements that may be desirable for an industrial facility

Compelling Arguments for Attending a Cyber Classroom [27168] ?

Some of the benefits of online training

Confined Space Entry - Permits Training [16319] ?

Training materials

Confined Space Entry Tutorial [pdf] [7831] ?

Is it safe to enter a confied space?

Design for Environment, Safety & Health Program Training Modules [pdf] [13323] ?

Modules for training of safety principles for management, purchasing, suppliers & engineers

Updated Electrical Safety [24923] ?

Training support materials

Electrical Utilities Safety Training Modules for Contractor [35019] ?

A series of construction safety training modules for contractors who perform work at electrical utilities

Emergency Training Drills [27444] ?

A series of instructor guides related to emergencies and rescues

FAQs: Health, Environment & Work [18403] ?

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions relating to the interactions between Health, Environment

Updated Fire Extinguisher Training Module [pdf] [28366] ?

Example of a slide presentation for fire extinguisher training

Food Safety Training Program and Quiz [27280] ?

Designed to train and test your knowledge of food safety practices

Updated General Confined Space Awareness Training Module [28369] ?

Example of a slide presentation for confined space safety training

Updated Hazard Communication Safety Awareness Training Module [28370] ?

Example of a slide presentation for hazard communication safety training

Hazardous Materials Transport Safety Training Modules [11991] ?

Tutorials and background materials for safety training related to hazmat transport

Updated Hearing Conservation Program Awareness Training Module [28371] ?

Example of a slide presentation for hearing conservation safety training

Updated How to Conduct Tailgate Training [pdf] [10434] ?

Key points on conducting tailgate safety training

Index of Educational Resources: Occupational & Environmental Medicine [18401] ?

Series of fact sheets related to worker health and occupational and environmental medicine

Industrial Hygiene Defined [32586] ?

An overview of industrial hygiene that discusses what industriral hygienists do

Introduction to Physical Science [5461] ?

An online textbook

Job Hazard Assessment [pdf] [5416] ?

Training presentation in recognizing and assessing safety hazards - JSA's, etc.

Lesson Plans & Other Documents [2067] ?

Download lessons plans and other training materials in Microsoft Word format

Lessons Plans: 1. Equipment Guarding 2. Dust & Respirators [5676] ?

View online and then download Microsoft PowerPoint slide presentations

Lightning Safety Training Presentations [24556] ?

Series of MS PowerPoint presentations on lightning safety

Updated Lockout/Tagout Safe Work Practices Awareness Training Module [28368] ?

Example of a slide presentation for electrical safety training

Meeting Refrigerant Regulations Compliance Management Needs [12693] ?

Includes a Checklist For Refrigerant Compliance Management

Mine Safety Ideas & Tips [29029] ?

Useful safety materials for safety talks, lessons learned, etc.

Mining Safety and Health Materials [40924] ?

To assist trainers and mine operators in promoting a safe and healthy environment at mines

Mining Safety and Health Topics [968] ?

Materials for safety talks and other mine safety training materials

Mining Safety Training Games [2065] ?

Games developed to aid in mine safety training

MSHA Compliance Guideline for Part 46 Training Regulations [16592] ?

Provides information to the surface nonmetal mining community about the Part 46 training regulations

MSHA Training Plan Advisor [26690] ?

Federal regulations require all mines to have a training plan

National Clearinghouse - Worker Safety & Health Training For Hazardous Materials [11806] ?

Training For Hazardous Materials, Waste Operations and Emergency Response

Newton's Apple [5921] ?

Collection of teacher's guides on scientific topics

NIOSH Videotapes [12968] ?

Databases of resources for video tapes - where to obtain, costs, etc. (fees)

Online Safety Training Tutorials [3203] ?

Safety basics

OSHA Recordkeeping Presentation [23498] ?

A series of PowerPoint presentations

OSHA Training [11185] ?

Training courses online

OSHA Training Recommendations [23802] ?

A chart of some of the more common OSHA safety training requirements

Updated OSHA Training Requirements [pdf] [2130] ?

Worker safety training requirements for various OSHA standards

Updated PowerPoint Presentations - Mining Safety [24919] ?

Download a series of ppt training presentations

PPE Program [pdf] [11203] ?

Example of a written PPE program

Protecting New Employees From Injury [26180] ?

Suggestions on reducing risk for new employees

Radiation Safety Materials [12623] ?

Series of safety manuals and quizzes related to lab radiation safety

Safety & Hygiene Safety Presentations [14973] ?

One hour safety training presentations in MS PowerPoint format

Updated Safety and Health Management [3206] ?

The elements of an effective safety and health management program; best practices; and overcoming obstacles

Safety and Health Online Training [11406] ?

Online tutorials for basic OSHA training in hazcomm, PPE, forklift safety, back safety, etc.

Safety Meetings Topics [35125] ?

Examples of safety training topic sheets for quarterly safety training sessions

Safety Training [24982] ?

A series of articles related to the topic of worker safety training

Safety Training - Required List [pdf] [34272] ?

Example of a matrix to determine the safety courses needed per job category

Safety Training - Required List Course Descriptions [pdf] [34273] ?

Descriptions of a list of workplace safety courses intended to comply with Cal-OSHA requirements

Safety Training Modules [17366] ?

Online safety training modules for workers

Safety Training Modules [20638] ?

Tutorials on radiation, cleanroom, forklift and crane safety

Safety Training Programs [20623] ?

Information for use in employee safety and health training

Safety Training Resources [20675] ?

Training materials focused on Oregon OSHA safety requirements

Safety Training Slides [35593] ?

Each safety hazard slide is in Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat formats

Safety Training Tips & Ideas [8074] ?

Monthly tips

Updated Safety Training Workshops [15483] ?

Workbooks, instructor guides for safety trainers

Sample Safety Training Outline [pdf] [11992] ?

For the industrial plant setting

Supervisor Safety Training [18768] ?

Documents on safety training topics for supervisors

Updated Tick and Mosquito Disease Prevention [35650] ?

Advice for travelers and others

TRAA Vehicle Identification Guide [pdf] [32286] ?

Information needed to correctly dispatch towing and recovery units to the scene

Workplace Safety and Health Training Modules [32536] ?

A series of worker safety training modules - consist of online slide presentations

Youth at Work - Talking Safety [32902] ?

Safety training presentation materials

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Accident Analysis / Accident Investigation
Accident investigation programs, job safey analyses, etc.

Accident Analysis / Lessons Learned
Analyses of lessons learned from prior workplace accidents

Alerts / Safety Alerts
Safety and health hazard alerts

Emergency Management / Evacuations
Guidelines on emergency evacuation programs, fire drills, etc.

Occupational Medicine / Anatomy
Anatomy images, references, textbooks

Occupational Medicine / First Aid
Full text of first aid manuals and handouts

Professional Development / Presentation Skills
Speaking presentation tips, tutorials and support materials

Safety Training / Chemical Training
Reference materials related to chemical training, tutorials, HESIS booklets, etc

Safety Training / Disaster Training
Training materials on the topic of emergency and disaster preparedness

Safety Training / Environmental Training
Online EPA training modules, RCRA, Superfund, EPCRA

Safety Training / Ergonomics Training
Training guides that simplify ergonomics concepts for the average worker

Safety Training / Fleet Training
Study guide for student drivers, driving tests, model curriculum

Safety Training / OSHA Training
Guidance on safety training presentations, OSHA training requirements, etc.

Safety Training / Safety Handouts
Safety bulletins & tool box talks for workplace, home, personal & off-the-job

Safety Training / Spanish Safety
Safety bulletins, handouts and materials in Spanish

Safety Training / Teaching Skills
Corporate training and development resources

Safety Training / Toolbox Talks
Handouts suitable for employee training at job sites

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