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Teaching tips. Distance education tutorials and resources. Overview of the most common types of training situations that may lead to litigation. Training industry trends. Enhance nonverbal communication skills. Knowledge management. Creating job aids. Needs assessment. Topics, articles and tools for training professionals. Testing. Training statistics. Questioning skills, active listening, nonverbal behaviors, classroom techniques, etc. Learning style inventory. Instructional System Design Manual. Measurement and evaluation.

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2010 NIOSH Report on Safety Training Effectiveness [39223] ?

Conducted to determine whether OHS training and education programs have a beneficial effect

Assessing Your Strengths and Development Needs [18644] ?

Designed to assist an individual in planning their own learning and development

Better Listening in the Workplace [15482] ?

Best listening practices

BLS Data: Employer Provided Training [10140] ?

BLS reports on employer-provided formal training

Difficult Behaviors in the Classroom [2355] ?

A series of articles on the topic

Emphasis on Teaching [8143] ?

A series of articles that promote good teaching

ERIC Database [3850] ?

Database of journal and non-journal education literature

How to Train One-on-One [15478] ?

Techniques for a systematic approach to training employees on the job

Icebreakers for the First Day [2346] ?

Guides instructors in icebreakers and creating a successful learning environment

Instructional System Design Manual [8098] ?

A complete on-line training guide to inplementing a training program

International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction [6051] ?

Has developed competencies for the training profession

Learning Style Inventory [2347] ?

Answer questions to determine if primarily a visual, auditory or tactile learner

Question Types Based on Bloom's Taxonomy [2349] ?

Encourages the asking of higher level questions than only knowledge-based questions

Questioning - Effective Techniques [2351] ?

Using questions effectively in teaching

Safety Meetings [pdf] [25911] ?

How to conduct effective safety meetings

Safety Training Program Development [pdf] [25921] ?

The elements to develop a good safety training program

Self-Directed Learning in the Workplace [18645] ?

How to help the individual create their own learning plan

Teaching Tips [2345] ?

Guidance on the principles of adult learning

Templates for Teachers [18296] ?

Grade book, lesson plan, true/false test, certificates, etc.

Testing: Develop Tests [8173] ?

Guidance on test development

The Art & Science of Training [8174] ?

Questioning skills, active listening, nonverbal behaviors, classroom techniques, etc.

The Teacher as an Organizer [2352] ?

Getting organized as a teacher

Updated Training and the Needs of Adult Learners [2357] ?

Research on learners has shown that adults learn differently from younger students

Training Magazine [8081] ?

Monthly magazine for those in the corporate training & development profession

Training Statistics [8106] ?

Training statistics from various sources

Training the Force [15041] ?

Full text of a US Army training manual

Traning Strategies [34779] ?

A collection of articles to help you educate your workforce

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Professional Development / Presentation Skills
Speaking presentation tips, tutorials and support materials

Safety Training / Disaster Training
Training materials on the topic of emergency and disaster preparedness

Safety Training / OSHA Training
Guidance on safety training presentations, OSHA training requirements, etc.

Safety Training / Safety Training
Guidance on safety training presentations, training requirements, etc.

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