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Bus safety rules. School bus accident crash data. Position papers. School bus transportation statistics. Seat belt debate. Vans in school service. Loading and unloading safety materials. Sample student transportation contract.

34 Resources
American School Bus Council [2097] ?

Represents the school transportation industry

Develop a School Travel Plan [pdf] [17774] ?

How to create a Safe Routes to School Travel Plan

Driving Tips for Railroad Crossings [5678] ?

Driving tips relating to railroad crossings

Ergonomics and Driving [pdf] [18994] ?

How you can avoid the health hazards of driving

MN-Minnesota Department of Public Safety School Bus Inspections [9650] ?

Rules for school bus inspection in the State of Minnesota - includes point system for defects

MN-Minnesota School Bus Manuals [8894] ?

Includes a school bus driver training manual and a school bus inspection manual

Model School Driving Training Program [pdf] [11979] ?

Sample school bus rules, etc

Monitor and Control Student Transportation Costs [29141] ?

A discussion of performance indices

National Association for Pupil Transportation [8621] ?

NAPT Professional Certification Program

National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services [14906] ?

For professionals in the school transportation industry

Pupil Transportation Safety Institute [8568] ?

A national education resource to the scholol transportation industry

Safely Transporting School Age Children [23694] ?

Special safety concerns with the use of 15-passenger vans and how to handle bullying on school buses

School Bus Crashworthiness Research [21148] ?

Results of NHTSA research studies

School Bus Driver Safety Page [18754] ?

Rules for school bus drivers on safety

School Bus Driver Safety Program [5679] ?

Safety advice and resource guides for school bus drivers

School Bus Emergency Extrication - Perspectives [19751] ?

An emergency responder's perspective

School Bus Extrication [19750] ?

Article on how to handle school bus extrication incidents

School Bus Facts [19589] ?

Information on school bus safety

School Bus Fleet Magazine [5672] ?

Monthly publication dedicated to school bus fleet operations

School Bus Rail Crossing Safety Alert [18745] ?

Reminder to school bus drivers to always expect a train at a crossing

School Bus Safety [5673] ?

News related to school bus safety issues

School Bus Safety [22622] ?

Materials for schools, parents, bus drivers, transporation directors, etc.

School Bus Safety - Backing [12519] ?

Recommended procedures for school bus fleets when backing a school bus

School Bus Safety Procedures [22605] ?

Recommended procedures for school bus safety

School Bus Security [12490] ?

Anti-terrorism and basic school bus safety best practices related to security

School Transport Fact Book [5669] ?

US Transit Bus & School Bus Safety Compared and more

Special-Needs School Bus Safety [1493] ?

Articles related to special needs child transportation

Updated Student Motorcoach Safety Guide [19590] ?

Includes a checklist for charter bus safety

Taking the School Bus [23813] ?

Help students learn the following school bus safety practices

The Domain of Truck and Bus Safety Research [pdf] [30901] ?

Information and perspectives on truck and bus safety research.

The Relative Risks of School Travel [22417] ?

A study of the safety issues attendant to the transportation of children to and from school

Violent Students in School Buses [2103] ?

How pupil transporters can prevent incidents from occurring on school buses

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