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GCat: Industry Safety
MCat: Security

Crime prevention. Arson. Corporate security. Burglary protection. Employee theft. Computer crime. Scams and fraud. Background checks. Vehicle and cargo theft. Bomb threat & physical security planning. Travel safety. Computer crime. Forensics. Fraud. Identity theft and personal protection.

Access Control

Tactics, techniques, procedures for creating a security access-control system.

Arson Control

Essential indicators of arson. Manual for arson investigation training. Key facts and control measures for arson. Expert testimony. Arson statistics.

Background Checks

Guidance on conducting criminal history checks. Reference checking and its legal pitfalls. Fingerprint-based background checks. Online verification of social security numbers in the USA . Sex offender registries.


Biometric identification refers to a technology that uses scanned graphical information from many sources for personal identification purposes. This would include: facial imaging, retinal scans, fingerprint scans, voice recognition, hand geometry identification, etc.

Business Security

Corporate security. Laptop computer theft. Eavesdropping devices in the workplace. How to protect your business from burglary. Workplace security issues. Armed hold-up prevention.

Cargo Theft

Advice on cargo theft prevention

Computer Crime

Links to Cyber Incident Response Teams and Security-Related Organizations. Resources involved in detecting and resolving computer security incidents. Hacker news. Research documents and news related to cyberspace computer crime. Key legal factors regarding searching and seizing electronic storage devices and media.

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention and security-related articles. Emerging trends, legislation, key court decisions, etc. related to victims of crime. Information on federal and state legislation.

Drug Crime

Law enforcement efforts for substance abuse. U.S. drug laws, policies, court cases & related matters. USA Drug Enforcement Administration briefing, factsheets, issues, press releases, guidelines, etc.

Employee Theft

Guidelines, audits on preventing employee theft and creating internal controls to reduce the risk of fraud. Resources outling the steps toward fraud detection and prevention. Description of fidelity insurance & discussion of bonds coverage issues.

Executive Protection

Guidance related to security of business executives, security drivers, etc

Financial Crime

How to detect and control credit fraud, check fraud, counterfeit money, money laundering, etc. Information on advance fee fraud schemes. Alerts regarding scams involving what are claimed to be securities issued or backed by US government. How to protect your money and your credit record if your wallet is lost or stolen.


Information about forensic science. Basic information on the structure and function of DNA as it relates to DNA fingerprinting. Validity and reliability of polygraphs. Forensic firearms identification. Concepts of forensic entomology.


Consumer fraud topics and warnings. US mail fraud. Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Fight telemarketing and internet fraud. Social security fraud.

Hate Crime

Active hate groups, street gang criminals, hate crimes

Identity Theft

Identity theft and identity fraud are terms used to refer to all types of crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person's personal data in some way that involves fraud or deception, typically for economic gain.

Personal Protection

Guidelines on how to prevent becoming a victim of crime at home, office, shopping, travel, etc. Self-assessment tests estimate your risk of being a crime victim. Protective devices, pepper spray, etc.

Public Transportation

Security and emergency management of public transportation.

Security Manuals

Field manuals on how to conduct law enforcement investigations, creation of law enforcement policies and procedures, terrorism counteraction, bomb threat procedures, how to handle civilian disturbances, correctional facilities operations, physical security and more.

Site Security

alarms, site security, church security, locks, security systems, security guards, shrinkage

Travel Safety

US State Dept Travel Warnings, Consular Information Sheets & Public Announcements. Guide for American business traveling and working overseas. Incidents that have taken place against civil aviation worldwide.

Vehicle Theft

Theft data on hundreds of passenger vehicles by make and model. Fact sheets and tips on how to prevent vehicle theft.

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