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GCat: Information Technology
MCat: Software

Online calculators and software programs that may be downloaded such as environmental software, safety software, insurance tools, internet software, financial calculators, ergonomics software.


Converting one currency denomination to another. Metric conversion calculators - distance, weights and measures. Financial planning calculators. Cooking measures and conversions. Conversion tables and formulas. Cooking measures. Date and time conversions.

Clinical Calculators

Free downloadable software for public health professionals for epidiological statistical purposes.

Environmental Software

Over 40 software programs on the environment. Environmental exposure assessment modeling software. Ecotox Thresholds calculations. Datasets and software programs for environmental professsionals. Interactive system for selecting models (air, surface water, ground water and multimedia). AFR - Automated Form R - electronic form companies complete to report toxic chemicals released into land, water, or air. Oil spill tools. Soil Screening Calculations.

Ergonomics Software

Free software - NIOSH lifting equation, tutorials, workstation evaluations

Financial Calculators

Currency converters. US cost of living calculators. Inflation calculators. Step by step guide to investment planning using financial calculators. Large number of personal finance calculators and interactive quizzes. Online calculators and resources to help calculate costs of moving and financing a home. Personal auto insurance coverage analysis calculator. Long Term Disability Needs Calculator. Personal financial planning calculators focusing on life insurance and investment strategies. US Consumer Price Inflator/Deflator. US Current Value of Old Money. Currency converters.

HR Software

Department of Labor has developed several elaws advisors for US labor law guidance to employers. Training tools.

Insurance Tools

Loss reserving system program. Spreadsheet for calculating aggregate loss distributions & more.

Internet Software

Internet browser-related software and viewers

OSHA Software

Free software includes guidance on asbestos, fire safety, hazard awareness, lead in construction, cadmium, the impact of injuries on profitability, etc.

Safety Software

Chemical reactivity worksheet. Environment and public health software (e.g., IAQ) Industrial hygiene calculators. Thermal Comfort Index Calculator. Sampling and Analytical Method Evaluation Software. Note: Follow download instructions provided at each site. Note that some of the demos may have time limits and sometimes are incomplete versions of the originals.

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