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    » Insurance Claims

Access to information related to insurance claims such as: billion dollar US weather disasters, environmental claims, etc.

Accident Analysis » Fire Lessons Learned

Lessons learned from property losses - fires, etc.

Boiler Room Red Flags [15971] ?

Some of the common hazards encountered

Insurance Loss Control » Catastrophes

Insurance claims data related to natural catastrophic occurrences in the USA

Updated Billion Dollar U.S. Weather Disasters [2918] ?

Description and reports on billion dollar disasters in the United States

Insurance Loss Control » Claims Management

Bad faith, structured settlements, large losses, etc.

OECD Guidelines for Good Practice for Insurance Claim Management [pdf] [23257] ?

Text of the guidelines for OECD countries

Insurance Loss Control » EPL

Employers Professional Liability (EPL) insurance

Pay Equity Issues [15638] ?

Covers wage discrimination and closing the wage gap

Preventing Retaliation Claims by Employees [15637] ?

It's against the law to punish your employees for asserting their rights

Insurance Loss Control » Property Insurance

Property insurance and risk management

Property Claims Adjusting [5407] ?

Articles related to property claims and risk management

Marine Safety » Watercraft Safety

Resources on boating and marine safety

Analysis of Watercraft Insurance Claims [27753] ?

Case studies that are instructive as to what can be expected when analyzing watercraft mishaps

Recreation Safety » Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor recreation safety guidance

Skiing Impact Injuries [27752] ?

Analyzing ski area insurance claims

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