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  » Databases
    » Safety - Hazards

Access to databases specific to individual safety hazards and controls such as glove charts, boating safety, noise limits, etc.

Accident Analysis » Lessons Learned

Analyses of lessons learned from prior workplace accidents

DOE Lessons Learned [10523] ?

Links to US Department of Energy lessons learned

Agriculture Safety » Ag Safety Materials

Agriculture safety bulletins, training materials, and other technical resources

Farm Safety Fact Sheets [3089] ?

Fact sheets related to agriculture with many relating to safety and the environment

On-Farm Food Safety [575] ?

Farm Worker Toilet and Handwashing Facilities and more

Alerts » Safety Alerts

Safety and health hazard alerts

Exploding Flashlights [4227] ?

Fact sheet describes the danger of batteries exploding in flashlights

Alerts » Safety Recalls

Information regarding product recalls, food recalls, motor vehicle recalls, etc.

Updated Recalled Products By Country Where Manufactured [16658] ?

Global recall database

Associations » Amusement Associations

Associations of the amusement and carnival industries

Amusement Industry Certified Inspectors Directory [1026] ?

A list of inspectors certified by AIMS International

Chemical Safety » Poison Prevention

Poison control advice regarding preventing chemical poisoning, plant poisoning

Common Poisonous and Toxic Plants [3601] ?

The following chart lists some of the more common poisonous plants

Construction Safety » Work Zone Safety

Best practices for minimizing delay & enhancing safety in highway construction

Updated Work Zone Safety Equipment [12259] ?

Database contains records of traffic control devices and safety technology used in work zones

Databases » Company Research

Internet databases for researching information on specific American companies

UL Certification Databases [23321] ?

Check to see if a company and its products are UL certified

Databases » Safety Materials

Internet databases of workplace safety and health documents, statistics, etc.

CAL-OSHA Publications [15076] ?

Fact Sheets and Tailgate Topics and Other Documents

CDC Topics [22521] ?

CDC guidelines for the prevention and control of disease, injuries, and disabilities

Construction Occupational Safety & Health [15660] ?

Training materials, checklists, lessons learned and much more on construction safety

DOE Information Bridge [447] ?

Access to DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information databases

NIOSH Databases [12970] ?

NIOSH databases and information resources

Updated NIOSHTIC-2 [23916] ?

The NIOSH Resource Database

Technical Medical Technical Guides and Fact Sheets [5896] ?

Hundreds of fact sheets, technical bulletins and guides related to occupational health

United Kingdom: Hazards at Work [9718] ?

Extensive series of safety fact sheets, guidelines, bulletins related to occupational work hazards

Equipment Safety » Tool Safety

Safety fact sheets and tips on the safe use of hand and power tools

Construction Tool Safety [6716] ?

A series of toolbox talks on the subject

Equipment Safety » Welding Safety

Bulletins, guidance on safety in welding

Hot Work Welding and Cutting Safety Policy [19360] ?

Example of a policy in use at a major univeristy

Fire Safety » Boilers

Boiler and pressure vessel safety materials

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Technical Bulletins [1584] ?

Series of safety bulletins related to the repair and maintenance of boilers & pressure vessels

Health Care Safety » Medical Devices

FDA regulatory guidance for manufacturers of medical devices

Medical Device Safety Reports [14751] ?

A repository of medical device incident and hazard information

Marine Safety » Boating Safety

Resources on boating and marine safety

Safe Boating Tips [2608] ?

Series of safety tips for recreational boaters in the United States

Marine Safety » Watercraft Safety

Resources on boating and marine safety

Tides and Currents: USA Coast [2621] ?

US coastal water levels, meteorological observations, and current observations

Physical Hazards » Hearing Conservation

Hearing conservation programs, acoustics, hearing protection devices, etc.

Hearing Conservation Program and Checklist [pdf] [12959] ?

In use by a major university

Noise - Auditory Effects [8372] ?

The relationship between noise exposure and hearing loss

PPE Programs » Glove Safety

Glove selection guides

Chemical Protective Gloves [3139] ?

Fact sheet provides guidelines on glove selection for chemicals

PPE Programs » Respirator Safety

Respirator-related materials such as APF, CBRN respirator standards, change-out,

NIOSH Respirators [6239] ?

Equipment certification databases, respirator users notices, guides to selection, OSHA codes, etc.

Safety Forms » Safety Graphics

Safety clip art and photographic images that may be downloaded

USP Pictograms [24143] ?

US Pharmacopeia graphic images relate medication instructions

Safety Training » Safety Handouts

Safety bulletins & tool box talks for workplace, home, personal & off-the-job

Fact Sheets - Occupational Safety & Health [17680] ?

Related to workplace safety and health

Physical Agent Data Sheets [15500] ?

Fact sheets on the hazards of physical agents and on safety controls

Safety Training » Toolbox Talks

Handouts suitable for employee training at job sites

Construction Site Safety Talks Safety Videos [27527] ?

Cover a wide variety of topics

Construction Tool Box Safety Talks [27528] ?

A variety of tool box talks

Statistics » Highway Safety Data

Statistics on highway safety, fatalities, blood alcohol levels, DUI costs, etc.

Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System (CODES) [12322] ?

Motor vehicle accident statistics

US OSHA » OSHA Sample Programs

OSHA technical resources on safety programs, including motor vehicle safety

TX-Texas Safety and Health Library [20622] ?

Workplace safety publications that can be used for training and implementing safety programs

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