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Online brochures, books, fact sheets, leaflets, newsletters, posters, professional journals, technical papers, abstracts, consumer literature from the US government. SIC code books. Search engines specific to the US government.

Databases » NAICS

Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code reference materials

NAICS - North American Industry Classification Systems [393] ?

NAICS has replaced SIC industry classification

SIC - Standard Industry Classification Codes [1025] ?

Search engine for the 1987 US Department of Labor's SIC Code Manual

SOC - Standard Occupational Classification Documents [2996] ?

New occupational classification system that will include all jobs in the national economy (US)

Publications » USA Government News

Publications produced by the US government

Updated Federal Depository Library Program [596] ?

Search engine identifies information available in federal depository libraries

Federal Digital System [588] ?

US Government Printing Office databases & publications

Social Security Publications [1824] ?

Publications and benefit information from the Social Security Administration

Statistics » Crime Data

Government and industry sources of statistical data on crime

US Campus Security Statistics [17074] ?

Reported criminal offenses for over 6000 colleges and universities in the United States

US Federal Agencies » Search

Locate US government websites and databases

Updated DOE Scientific & Technical Information [2865] ?

Scientific and technical information in the physical sciences

Updated National Technical Information Service [241] ?

Source for US government medical research, regulatory information and health care policy analysis

US Federal Government Business Compliance Resources [215] ?

Access to US government sites of interest to business

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