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Medical treatment and pharmaceutical handouts for patients. Consumer health brochures. Medicare booklets. Patient education materials.

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Ergonomics » Medical Ergonomics
Clinical practice guidelines, patient handouts on low back pain, CTS, etc.

A Patient's Guide to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [12107] ?

A patient education fact sheet

A Patient's Guide to Low Back Pain [14166] ?

A patient education fact sheet

Patient Education Materials: Artificial Joint Replacement [12255] ?

Patient guides on joint replacement

Patient Education Materials: Foot Problems [12253] ?

Patient guides on common foot disorders

Patient Education Materials: Knee Problems [12254] ?

Patient guides on common knee disorders

Patient Education Materials: Shoulder Problems [12252] ?

Patient guides on common shoulder disorders

Health Care Safety » Hospital Safety
Sample worker safety programs & guidance on pollution elimination in hospitals

Handbook for Patients and Families [pdf] [6091] ?

Full text of a patient handbook in use by a hospital

Health Care Safety » Medication Safety
Medication error reduction, drug safety handling procedures

Drug and Medical Device Safety [16968] ?

Reference materials related to drug and medical device safety

How to Avoid Drug Interactions in the Elderly [11488] ?

Adverse drug interactions represent one of the most important challenges facing medical professionals

OTC Medication Safety [583] ?

Consumer information on the proper use of nonprescription & prescription medicines

Health Care Safety » Nursing Home Safety
Ergonomics, patient handling and other nursing home safety hazards

Medicare Providers: Medical Equipment Suppliers [7795] ?

Contact information for suppliers that provide services or products under the Medicare program

Occupational Medicine » Cancer Treatment
Clinical resources on the medical treatment of cancer

Screening and Testing to Detect Cancer [2726] ?

Overview of Cancer Screening and Testing

Occupational Medicine » Clinical Guidelines
Full text of clinical practice guidelines for numerous specialties in medicine

Chest: Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines [8898] ?

American College of Chest Physicians clinical practice guidelines

Occupational Medicine » Dermatology
Clinical resources on the medical treatment of dermatology disorders

Dermatology Public Resource Center [5032] ?

Definitions of dermatology terms, explanation of common dermatologic conditions and procedures

Occupational Medicine » Diabetes
Clinical resources on the medical treatment of diabetes

CDC's Diabetes and Public Health Resource [3402] ?

Comprehensive guides for medical practitioners and patient handouts on diabetes

Diabetes - Patient Information [3410] ?

Information on diabetes topics for those with diabetes

Diabetes Basics [3416] ?

Understanding the disease

Occupational Medicine » First Aid
Full text of first aid manuals and handouts

Eye Care First Aid [952] ?

First aid guidelines for various eye injuries and conditions

First Aid Kit [16969] ?

Lists contents that should be included in a first aid kit

Occupational Medicine » Medicare
Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services - directories, fees, contracts

Medicare Drug Coverage [7798] ?

Find medicare prescription drug plans in your state that match your required needs

Medicare Providers: Home Health Care [7792] ?

Detailed information about every Medicare-certified home health agency in the country

Occupational Medicine » Mental Health
Clinical resources on the medical treatment of mental health disorders

Mental Health Disorders [3672] ?

Resources for consumers

Occupational Medicine » Orthopedics
Clinical resources on orthopedics

Patient Education Materials [402] ?

Series of orthopedic and ergonomic medicine guides designed for patients that provide explanations & illustrations

Occupational Medicine » Patient Handouts
Full text of handouts applicable for patients

Cardiovascular Disease Conditions [548] ?

Subject matter from the American Heart Association

Consumer Versions of Clinical Practice Guidelines [16136] ?

Consumer guidelines for back problems, agina, incontinence, depression, cancer pain & more

Dental Patient Education [21704] ?

Series of dental patient handouts

Diseases & Conditions [2575] ?

Reference information on diseases and conditions

Eye Health Information for Patients [3422] ?

On various topics relating to the eye

Health Topics [16965] ?

Symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention for over 950 diseases, illnesses, health conditions and wellness issues

Information for Clinical Center Patients [3874] ?

Information for patients participating in clinical research protocols for the NIH

Information for Wheelchair Users [27964] ?

Wheelchair safety, maintenance, proper seating, etc.

National Institute of Mental Health Patient Education Materials [11695] ?

Information about the signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for mental health

Orthopedics Patient Education Brochures [3615] ?

Large number of patient handouts related to orthopedic conditions and prevention

Prevention and Health [2909] ?

The latest evidence-based information for improving your health

Occupational Medicine » Pharmaceuticals
Clinical resources on pharmacology

FDA Drug-Specific Information [16970] ?

Database of information for patients and consumers

US Pharmacopeia [9099] ?

Home page for USP

Occupational Medicine » Pulmonary
Clinical resources on the medical treatment of pulmonary disease

Living with Lung Disease [12625] ?

Advice for patients with lung disease

Occupational Medicine » Radiology
Clinical resources for radiology

Radiology Info [18008] ?

Patient information about radiology

Occupational Medicine » Surgery
Clinical resources on surgery

Nora Institute for Surgical Patient Safety [15188] ?

Educates patients and surgeons about the practice and principles of surgical patient safety

Wellness Programs » Consumer Health
Health and medical resources and libraries for the general public

Consumer Publications - Health & Medical [1099] ?

Federal consumer brochures on health, drug & health aids, medical problems, mental health

Cosmetics [1128] ?

Series of documents on cosmetic safety, FDA requirements, cosmetic labeling, etc.

Doctor-Patient Communication Tips [2569] ?

Guidance on how the patient can enhance communications with their physicians

Health Topics [12053] ?

General health news

InteliHealth [283] ?

Health library with consumer health information

US Government Consumer Information Center [1097] ?

Links to federal consumer publications from the US government

Wellness Programs » Eldercare
Resources on nursing homes, eldercare, etc.

Eldercare [2889] ?

A guide for families and unions on caring for elderly family members

Wellness Programs » Fitness
Guidelines on physical activity and health

Fitness Center - On Your Way to Fitness [573] ?

Fitness guide provides facts and advice on how to become physically fit

Wellness Programs » Health Promotion
Materials for employers to promote workplace health and wellness

Worksite Health Promotion [3917] ?

Guidance for companies to control the costs associated with unhealthy workers by promoting health

Wellness Programs » Oral Health
Large number of reference materials for the dentistry profession

American Academy of Implant Dentistry [7833] ?

Credentialing, news, information

HIVdent [7810] ?

HIV/AIDS Oral Healthcare Resource

Mouth Healthy [2016] ?

Fact sheets and articles for dental patients

Oral Health - Patient Education Fact Sheets [1809] ?

Dental health facts and topics

Oral Hygiene [7839] ?

Dental care basics information for consumers

Pediatric Dentistry [7822] ?

Online pediatric dentistry topics and parental brochures

Proper Flossing [pdf] [7866] ?

Provides guidance on flossing teeth

Resources for Dental Professionals [4053] ?

White papers and professional education materials

Wellness Programs » Weight Control
Dietary guidelines for healthy diet and weight control

Adult Nutrition & Food Safety [938] ?

Food nutrition & health informatio

Dietary Guidelines - AHA Diet [549] ?

American Heart Association dietary guidelines for healthy adults

Food & Nutrition - Consumer Information [1098] ?

Federal consumer brochures on food and nutrition

Food and Nutrition Center [2570] ?

Reference articles and materials on the subject of diet and nutrition

Nutrition and Athletic Peformance [16971] ?

Reference information for athletes

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